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August 2017                                                                                    Issue # 78
Should You Be Treating Your Body Better Than Your Car?
A regular oil change promises to keep your car running at its peak performance, but how often do you take care of your own body in the same way? An evaluation by a physical therapist may be just what you need to rev up your own engine and get back on the road safely. Read more about why seeing a physical therapist BEFORE you get injured should become part of your personal health routine.
Got Planks? 

Planks have become a pretty popular exercise for people trying to improve their abdominal strength, but let's face it, they are b-o-r-i-n-g! Generally you try holding them longer and longer, but is this really the best way to do them? Here is a quick "hack" for you to try. Do it correctly and 20-30 seconds of planking turns into a pretty good ab workout!

Instead of just "passively" staying in the plank position, try pulling "backward" with your elbows and forearms, forcing your abdominal muscles to "actively" engage in the exercise. Don't change your position, but pull firmly with your arms while contracting your abdominal muscles. This will turn those boring 2:00 planks into something much harder. So get down on the floor and try an "active plank" today!
Everything You Wanted To Know About Piriformis Syndrome

Pain in the buttock that radiates down the leg is commonly called sciatica. The most common cause for sciatica is irritation of the spinal nerves in or near the lumbar spine. Sometimes the nerve irritation is not in the spine but further down the leg. One possible cause of sciatica is piriformis syndrome. Piriformis syndrome can be painful, but it is seldom dangerous and rarely leads to the need for surgery. Most people with this condition can reduce the pain and manage the problem with simple methods, such as physical therapy. At Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation, we regularly treat this condition with great success. To learn more about piriformis syndrome, click the image above. If you have piriformis syndrome, make an appointment to see one of our experts today. 


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