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Blue Hills Sports & Spine's Monthly Newsletter
February 2018                                                                                 Issue # 84
Glutes Aren't Just For Sitting On!

The long hours of sitting at work can actually put quite a toll on your glutes and other muscles that attach to the hips and low back. Prolonged sitting can even lead to "Dormant Butt Syndrome". Sure, it sounds like it's made up, but it's true. Prolonged sitting can lead to weakness in gluteal, abdominal and back muscles while causing tightness in the hip flexors and hamstrings. This combination can lead to all sorts of pain and injuries to your hips, knees and low back. The good news is that doing a few simple exercises a few times per week can really help prevent this. If you already have issues, the same exercises can help you out! Click here for the program. If you find that you are having difficulty with the exercises or realize that you really need some pro help, come see us in one of offices.

The Down Side of Skiing.

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, our goal is always to help people keep doing the sports they love. Although we would never wish an injury on someone, it's a fact of life. Hopefully if you are someone who likes to ski and board, you have had a chance to do it with all the snow we have had so far this year. Maybe you even tried our pre-season program to help keep you on the slopes. There are a number of injuries that are common to skiers and boarders, so we thought we would include some helpful information in this months newsletter. Click the image to the left to be taken to our patient information portal on common ski injuries. If you have unfortunately suffered one, come and see as soon as you can so we can can help you get back on the slopes.
Looking Deeper At Hip Pain.

Hip pain is no fun! When your hip isn't working right, it can cause many limitations in your life. One particular condition that we see on a fairly regular basis is Hip Impingement Syndrome. The main symptoms are stiffness in the groin or front of the thigh and/or a loss of your hip's full range of motion.  At first, you may only feel pain when you move the hip near its limits. As the condition progresses, however, you may feel pain with more subtle activities, such as sitting for a long time or walking up a hill. Unfortunately for many patients, it's something they have been dealing with for a long period of time that never got diagnosed correctly in the first place, which leads to getting the wrong treatment. At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we know the importance of a complete evaluation so we can make sure we are going in the right direction from the first day of treatment. Click on the image to the right to learn more about Hip Impingement Syndrome. For a few simple tests you can do yourself, click here. If you have questions about whether or not Physical Therapy can help you, give us a call.

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