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May 2018                                                                             Issue # 87
Back Pain In The News

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation we agree that staying active and using exercise to help manage back pain is very important. It's this reason that Blue Hills Sports & Spine has been a regional leader in promoting an exercise based approach to the treatment of low back pain for the past 12 years. To reinforce the importance, there was a recent series of studies released by the Lancet Journals, revealing that most treatment done for back pain is ineffective, except for exercise. The evidence is there and we keep following it. Even more recently another study published in the April JAMA Neurology Journal showed that helping patients learn to not fear their back pain and to get them back into regular exercise helped to greatly reduce their symptoms and improve their function. If you, or someone you know is suffering with back pain, have them read these recent studies and then give us a call!

Time To Tee It Up!

Spring sure took it's time arriving this year, but it looks like it is here to stay now. That means lots of people will start hitting the links. One important part of a golf game that many people overlook is a warm up. If you are more "grip it and rip it", you may be surprised by how much looser your swing will feel after a simple warm up...and maybe you won't throw away the first few holes! Recently our Plymouth team put together a series of short golf warm up videos. If you didn't see them in our Facebook and Instagram posts, we have also published them to our YouTube page as a convenient playlist. Click here for the videos. Give em a try...might just shave a few strokes and also help keep you injury free this year!
Got Shoulder Pain?

There are a number of ailments that can lead to shoulder pain. Getting to the cause of your symptoms is what we do at Blue Hills Sports & Spine. One thing we see regularly is  bicipital tendonitis. It can be caused from repetitive overhead activities, direct trauma to the shoulder or it can be caused because other things are not right with your shoulder and show themselves as bicipital tendonitis. To learn all about what it is, how it's diagnosed and some treatments that we would utilize, click on the image on the right. We have also put together a quick stretching guide for the biceps, click here for the handout. Even if you are not having issues, it's not a bad idea to make sure you have the right amount of flexibility. If you are having shoulder pain and need some help, get into see us in one of our offices right away!
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