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June 2018                                                                             Issue # 88
Reasons Why Runners Get Injured

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we treat lot's of runners. When you see a large number of the same type of patient, you can start to see some similarities in why they were injured in the first place. Although our jobs are really to treat injured people, helping people avoid injuries is what we would rather be doing. It would be great if we could see everyone for a semi-annual assessment and tune up to help keep people healthier, especially runners. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren't there yet! So, instead of having everyone come in, we have put together a little e-book about some of the common reasons runners get hurt and how to prevent some of those injuries. Click here to download it and don't be shy about sharing with all the runners you know. 
Runners Myths

If you are brand new to running or a seasoned veteran of multiple marathons, then you have probably been given lot's of advice. Some that works, some that doesn't and some that is just flat out wrong. Although we can't tackle all of the myths associated with running and proper training, we can tackle a few of them. We picked the 8 we hear about most often to set the record straight.  To get our running myths busted article, click here. We have fact checked them! The biggest myth busted of them all? Running isn't bad for your knees!
Runners Don't Have To Strengthen Their Legs, Right?

Wrong! If more runners did regular strength training we would have many fewer patients in our offices. When you run, you actually use a very small range of motion over and over again. This can lead to weakness in many of the other leg muscles that help to support your hips, knees, ankles and also your core. If your main way to keep fit is running, then you should be incorporating some regular strength training to help you keep running. We have shared this handout before, but with a newsletter all about runners, we thought we would share it again. Make sure you share it too! Click here for the a good runners strength training program.
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