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August 2018                                                                             Issue # 90
Dynamic Vs. Static Stretching

There is some debate as to whether or not static stretching or dynamic stretching is the best for you. A recent article in the New York Times explored the topic and came up with some mixed results. The answer really is that both static and dynamic stretching have a place in total health. While static stretching can help gain range of motion and flexibility of muscles, dynamic stretching can help warm your muscles up and prepare them for activity and help to maintain flexibility. At Blue Hills we do a fair amount of static stretching with our patients, mostly because they have limitations that need improving. We have shared a number of our favorite static stretching programs in our newsletters, so this month it's time to share a good dynamic stretching warm up for you to try. Click here for the program. If you do have limitations in your mobility, it's a good idea to come see us first to make sure you are getting the exercises that right for you.
All About Muscle Strains

Ever wonder what a muscle strain really was and what the best way to take care of one is? Well today is your lucky day then! Muscle strains are a pretty common occurrence and if treated correctly from the start, may not give you that much trouble. What we see more often than not are muscle strains the re-occur because the people try to return to activity too quickly, or, they don't address the underlying cause of the strain in the first place. At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, all of our clinical staff our experts in the assessment and treatments of these common injuries and getting the right advice from day one makes all the difference. We even have an option to book a free discovery session if you aren't sure if you need PT. To learn more about muscle strains, click the image above. 
Go With The "Flow" For Healthier, Stronger Shoulders

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we see our fair share of shoulder injuries. Although no two patients are exactly alike, we see some similarities in many. One common area that needs to be addressed in most of our patients is a lack of good shoulder and scapula stability. There are many exercises you can do for shoulder strength training, but doing the right ones can help prevent injury and keep you out of our offices. This month we are sharing our Shoulder "Flow" Exercise program. You don't need any fancy equipment other than a few dumbbells (or heavy soup cans). It's a combination of 8 different exercises done in a series or "flow". Click on the image above for the video and give it a try for a couple sets. Although this is a good total shoulder program, it doesn't replace an expert evaluation and custom program. If you have shoulder pain or limitations, come in and see one of our team!
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