Volume 5 | January 2023

Our Neighbors' News

The piece of wood you see here is not just an ordinary piece of wood. It is being transformed into something beautiful. Something that will help fulfill our mission to provide a place where our neighbors eat and come together as one community. A place where all neighbors are welcome to sit at the table. A place where good is in the hands that serve. A place where togetherness helps satisfy the appetite. A place where love is on the menu and the chef’s special is community.


Part of being a Community Café is having a Community Table. Friendships are made, stories are told and lives are changed around this table. Just as we become brighter and more beautiful as God enters our life and transforms us, we are excited to see how this piece of wood will be transformed moving from a rugged piece of wood, to the kiln, to the woodcrafter’s hands to One Bistro!

Thank you to our January

Community Meal Volunteer Groups.

Renovations to the bistro

Renovations are well underway! Our new Server Station is built, the floor is complete, the quarter round down and the wainscoting has a fresh coat of paint. Next week we will assemble the new Server Station and move the old furniture back into the café while we await our new booths, tables, chairs and rugs to arrive towards the end of February. 


In the meantime, the kitchen has received a much need deep clean, leaving it sparkling again. We also had the opportunity to give our storage area downstairs a good cleaning and extra love and attention. Our dry goods and disposables are organized and our freezers & coolers have all been organized and sanitized inside and out.

Volunteer Groups

If you have a group that would like to volunteer, please email [email protected]

or give us a call at 937-736-2358.

We will be happy to find the perfect day, time and opportunity for your group. We are scheduling groups for March and forward. Right now, we cannot accommodate volunteer groups except on Community Meal night and those are all taken for February.

"One Bistro not only has terrific food but also has a terrific mission of helping feed the community by paying meals forward. You won't be disappointed in the prices either. When you go to check out be sure to pay a meal or two forward so someone who can't pay can eat. Great place!" ~ Chris F

Community Resources

We are thankful for Zack and Chris Kidwell who donated two half hams that were just too big for their family to consume. No doubt our Chef will turn this into something yummy for a Community Meal.

"First the food is very good. I had the Ruben and it was great. The recommended price was $6 but I would have paid closer to $10 at any other café in the area. The serves are volunteers and those in the community that can't afford a nice meal can volunteer a few hours and get a meal. After we ate here we decided to volunteer and it was fun. Love giving back to the community and getting to eat yummy food at the same time. When we go again I am getting a salad...they look amazing!" ~ Kim H

Below are photos from January

Even though we were closed in January for regular café hours, we were blessed by many who volunteered their time and talent. Some were serving Community Meal, some were cleaning and organizing and others were doing administrative work behind the scenes to keep things moving forward. Check out our Mission Results below. WOW!


In 2016, William was at the library reading an article in the newspaper about a new place in town called One Bistro. The article spoke about a Wednesday evening, complimentary, Community Meal so he thought he’d check it out. Over the last seven years, William has only missed a couple of Wednesday evenings! William used to walk from the Greene County Fairgrounds area every week to CM, but the last couple of years he has lived just around the corner. When asked what kept him coming back week after week, he said, “A lot of things. The food is really good but it’s all the people I’ve met that makes the biggest difference. Wednesday evening is a good time with lots of laughter and fun and caring people. It’s a time where I can sit and relax and meet my neighbors. I feel like the people at One Bistro – the board members, the staff, the volunteer groups – they all really care about me and love me.”

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