Volume 4 | May 2022

Our Neighbors' News

We are so thankful for your support and involvement in HIS mission:

"To provide a place where our neighbors eat and
come together as one community."
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April Photos

If you have a group who is looking for a way to serve together, we have a place for you! Groups can serve together during regular cafe hours in addition to serving during Community Meal. Just reach out to Shayne at 937-736-2358 or send an email to info@onebistro.org. The two groups below are from Legacy Christian Academy on their Day of Service and the from Washington Heights Baptist Church.

Chef Greg's Corner!


2T minced garlic

1T olive oil

1c white wine

1 tsp thyme

1q heavy cream

S&p to taste

Saute’ garlic and thyme in oil until golden

Add wine and reduce by half

Add cream, simmer & reduce for 7 minutes

Cool & refrigerate

Yield: 1 qt

Shayne's Volunteer Corner

Next Volunteer Training Date

When: Tuesday, May 10

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Bring: Your curiosity & questions

Summer is a great time to volunteer! We have numerous areas where help is needed and we will gladly train you on the spot to do specific tasks. This is an excellent time for students to get hours for NHS requirements or for scholarship needs. We hold monthly Training Sessions if you are in need of more information before you take the plunge to volunteer with us. Please feel free to call or stop in if you need help or have questions. 

We also offer a training time on 

June 7 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

We have two students from Dayton STEM School joining us for internships over the summer: Adrianna & Darnell.

"I’m Adrianna Ravana and am currently a junior in high school at the Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS). I have been a student at DRSS for about 5 years. I am also the only 3rd year Xenia High School Varsity Cheerleader. I have been a cheerleader since I was in elementary school. I enjoy being able to have fun with my teammates as well being a leader to them. As a DRSS student, I must complete an 80-hour internship. I chose to intern at One Bistro because I enjoy the environment as well as the people. The food is delicious as well!"

"My name is Darnell Brown, I am 17 years old and I'm a junior at the Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS). I've been attending there since middle school; they provide great opportunities. At DRSS, we must complete an 80-hour internship. I chose One Bistro because a friend of mine volunteered there and I volunteered with him and enjoyed the experience a lot and every time since!"

“Good food, good service, fair pricing and the community vibe is wonderful. Those that created this business are great human beings with a loving commitment to service. More communities should & could replicate this beautiful experience. Bravo One Bistro.”    Richard

While we encourage volunteers to sign up online in advance, anyone may stop in during café hours to see if help is needed. Groups are also welcome to serve together. Email us and we’ll find the perfect opportunity for your group!
email: info@onebistro.org


They help in so many ways!

What a blessing to have Ashlea Roe, a senior at Legacy Christian Academy, design and paint our chalkboard for the month of May.  

Cheyenne Worley, also a student at LCA, joined Ashlea. Thank you , ladies.


Thank you to our April Community Meal volunteer groups. You make our evening so very special.

Project Read blesses One Bistro with books!

Neta Potts, with Project Read, has partnered with One Bistro to deliver books that we can distribute to our patrons on Wednesday evenings during Community Meal. Our patrons can choose from a variety of books, ages birth to adult, that they can take home and keep. The books are donated from community members, cleaned and delivered to the bistro. This is a wonderful partnership; a win for everyone! 

"God Bless these people for what they do.....during the week; wonderful food and fellowship, dishes range from $6-$9...pay a little extra so someone in need can have a good meal and not have to go hungry. Community Meal on Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm. THANK YOU, and God Bless!!!"      Paul 

Church of the Messiah Purim Carnival

 Donation to One Bistro

Church of the Messiah in Xenia, OH recently celebrated the festival of Purim. Purim is an ancient Jewish holiday which commemorates the story of Esther, saving her people, the Jews, from the wicked Haman. Because Esther's Jewish heritage was "hidden" in the story, the holiday is traditionally celebrated by dressing up in disguises. People also celebrate by reading the story of Esther, eating a festive meal together, giving gifts of food to friends and giving charity. For the past two years, Church of the Messiah has hosted a carnival designed to raise money for charity in celebration of Purim. All of the kids brought their pocket money and change. Three local non-profit ministries were chosen to be on display. As the kids played the carnival games, they won tickets, which they used to vote for which charity would receive the donations. This year, One Bistro was chosen by the kids to win the money! Almost $600 was raised and the kids were so excited to hand deliver the money to Chef Greg and Shayne in the bistro!

Thank you Church of the Messiah!

Thank you Cedarville University ~ Pursuit

The Cedarville University student business Pursuit, an outgrowth of the university’s Integrated Business Core (IBC), donated $500 in proceeds from its shirts, hats and pins to Xenia’s One Bistro. Pursuit sold clothing items with the unique logo “XCIX —> I,” representing the Roman numeral version of the number 99. It is based on the parable of the wandering sheep from Matthew 18 and Luke 15, in which a shepherd leaves the herd of 99 to run after the one who is lost. By creating a logo that causes people to ask questions, we can fully explain the parable and its meaning. Beyond the financial support for One Bistro, IBC students volunteered at One Bistro up to 10 hours each, with a total of 340 hours spent helping the Xenia-based business and ministry.

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