December 2023 | 4th Quarter Employee Newsletter

Employee Spotlight-Employee of the Quarter

Hardwork and a dedication to excellence is what makes the O.R. Staffing Solutions team second to none! Find out if you made the 2023 4th quarter "Spotlight"...

Lights On

*Employee of the quarter is based on several factors including attendance, keeping up with credentials, positive client feedback, strong work ethic and positive attitude to name a few.

Do you think you would make a good employee of the quarter or know someone who would? Send us an email at and let us know why.


New Year, what's changed?

Have you learned a new skill, added a facility to your work history or leveled up your education or certifications? Please make sure you keep us up to date on all the new things that have happened in the past year. Here are a few ways you can keep us informed.

  • Update your resume.
  • Complete a new skills checklist or competency exam.
  • Update health information for example physical exams, TB testing, and flu shots.
  • Send us your renewed certifications and licenses.

Why is it important to keep us in the loop? Whether you work for ORSS full time or pick up per diem shifts when you're available, having the most up to date employee profile helps to minimize the last-minute scramble to get things done and helps to ensure you are ready for any assignment that comes your way!

*Have skills checklists or other items to complete? Click below to login to the employee workforce portal.

Workforce Portal

Sandra's Health & Wellness Corner

Why Vitamin D is Important:

Recent studies continue to show the crucial role Vitamin D plays in supporting overall health. From bolstering the immune system to promoting bone health and regulating mood, the benefits of adequate Vitamin D levels are far-reaching. As healthcare professionals, you are well aware of the importance of preventive care. This is especially relevant in regions with limited sunlight exposure or during seasons when outdoor activities are restricted.

Vitamin D

  1. Immune System Support: Vitamin D is known for its immune-modulating properties, contributing to the body's defense against infections.
  2. Bone Health: Beyond calcium, Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, helping to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.
  3. Mood Regulation: Emerging research suggests a link between Vitamin D and mood regulation, 
  4. Recommended Intake: While sunlight is a natural source, supplementation may be necessary, especially for those with limited sun exposure or specific medical conditions.

Sources of vitamin D include oily fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, and fortified foods including cereal and milk.

*Please consult your physician before implementing new practices in your health and wellness routine.

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Upcoming Events

ISA Annual Business Meeting, Elections & Seminar

Location: Illinois Central College Peoria Campus

March 9, 2024| Peoria, IL

AORN Global Conference & Expo

March 9-12, 2024| Nashville, TN

January is National Blood Donor Month

Winter is the most difficult time of the year to collect the necessary amounts of blood and platelets needed to supply hospitals across the country. In the United States someone needs a blood donation every two seconds according to the American Red Cross. Interesting in learning more or finding a location to donate? Click the link below!

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