| February 2020
SHPE Steps Inside the Global Arena
In last month’s CEO Corner , I talked about Teddy Roosevelt’s famous speech, “The Man in the Arena.” In it, Roosevelt argues that those with the courage to step inside the proverbial ring—of politics, business or society more broadly—are the true agents of change. The lesson for SHPE is clear: We cannot be discouraged or dissuaded by the naysayers of the world. Rather, we must get
in that arena—fight for what we believe in.

Two weeks ago, alongside SHPE National Board Chair Miguel Alemany, I had a chance to experience one of the biggest arenas of all: The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland....
SHPE @ The World Economic Forum
CEO Raquel Tamez and Board Chair Miguel Alemany were part of the first-ever Hispanic Delegation at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. As a result, the We Are All Human Foundation , hosts of the Delegation, reported 150 signatories to the Hispanic Promise at Davos, a corporate pledge which calls to hire, promote, retain and celebrate U.S. Hispanics as employees, customers, and citizens.   Read the announcement
SHPE Familia gathering together in Davos
Raquel on a panel about fostering women in tech 
Raquel & Miguel with Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder
Raquel with Cid Wilson, HACR CEO
The first-ever Hispanic Delegation in Davos
Raquel with Julie Sweet, Accenture CEO
It's ScholarSHPE Season
Financial need is the #1 reason why Hispanic students don't complete their degree. Donate now to help us close that gap. Join our mission to raise $500,000 by June 2020 so we can offer 25 life-changing scholarships!
Tearing Down Walls
CEO Raquel Tamez spoke with Harris Associates for a white paper titled Tearing Down Walls. The white paper details what SHPE is doing to meet the nation’s growing demand for tech talent. Deloitte and the National Association of Manufacturers project that the U.S. economy will create 3.5 million additional STEM jobs by 2025 — more than 2 million of which will go unfilled because of a shortage of qualified candidates.

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Step Up and Step Into a Leadership Role
Are you ready to step into a nationally-recognized volunteer leadership role with SHPE? Do you want to gain invaluable technical and soft skills, grow your professional network, and expand your influence while advocating for Hispanics in STEM?

We are looking for candidates like you who want to make an impact at the highest levels of the organization. Nomination packages are due March 31.
Get SHPE Shape for the New Year
Kick off 2020 with this special latinXfactor™ webinar series designed to help you develop, reach, and sustain your goals to live a smarter, healthier lifestyle. Get into the best SHPE shape you can be to get your year started right!
#LiveYourLife - Calendar Your Life to Live with Purpose

In this fast-paced age of information, we are constantly bombarded by interruptions that can add unnecessary stress In this webinar, attendees will receive a tool to manage their time and goals more effectively along with instructions on how to use it.

Wednesday, February 26
5pm PT/8pm ET
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SHPE On the Move
Raquel appeared on a panel for Female Quotient at CES
Karl Reid, NSBE Executive Director, spoke at a joint SHPE/NSBE meeting
Joint NSBE-SHPE Meeting
SHPE visits the Honeywell office in DC
Zack, Kathleen, Dora, & Brianne at ASAE’s Innovation LaunchPad in Salt Lake City
Brianne at SHPE DFW’s Technical Development Series (TDS) and partnership with Colaborativo IT
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