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October 18, 2016

PHEN Survivor Network Warriors in Action at the 12th Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit on Capitol Hill last month

PHEN is coming off the heels of one of our most successful and exciting events to date, the  12th Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit!  As many of you witnessed first-hand, some of our PHEN Survivor Network members making a difference at the Summit, as well as in their own communities. We couldn't be more proud of them and have decided to share some of their work, advocacy, education, testimonies and even song that they are using to help in the fight to eliminate the African American Prostate Cancer Disparity. We have highlighted some of these "Warriors in Action" below. 
PHEN Adopts Anthem for Network Survivor Members 

Mediaplanet and MLB All-Star Ken Griffey Sr. Help Men Feel Comfortable Acknowledging Their  Prostate Health

Three-time All-Star, PHEN Survivor Network Member and  Men Who Speak Up spokesman,  Ken Griffey Sr. graces the cover of the September MediaPlanet for its prostate and urological health issue. Through an exclusive interview, he reveals that he always knew he was at risk for prostate cancer, having lost four uncles to the disease. "Prostate cancer is an issue that's close to my heart," says Griffey. "I learned the importance of advocating for my own health early on." 
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Meet Three Lady Warriors Who Transformed their Husbands' Prostate Cancer Recovery

The September MediaPlanet supplement to USA Today also profiled three wives of PHEN Network Survivors, or "lady warriors" about the ways they aided in their husbands' prostate cancer battle. Included were Wendy Roberson, Clinton, MD; Althea Young, Birmingham, AL; and Sharon Jackson, Boston, MA. Read their stories here 

Hampton Roads Prostate Health Forum Founder Joins PHEN Panel on Early Detection Screening

Charlie Hill,  Founder and President
Hampton Roads Prostate Health Forum
Joins the PHEN Summit Panel,  Prostate Cancer Early Detection Testing-The Next Chapter and receives an award for his outstanding leadership and Survivor Network championship throughout the years.

William Netter Receives Mattapan Community Health Center Community Service Award

On September 10, 2016, Boston-based PHEN Survivor Network Member, William 'Bill' Netter was awarded the Community Service Award from the Mattapan Community Health Center at their 20th Annual HealthCare Revival, Mattapan, MA.(Bill Netter is pictured above with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and fellow w arrior Robbie Robinson)

Jamaica-Based PHEN Survivor Network Member Featured in Prominent Newspaper for His Work

Jamaica-based PHEN Survivor Network member,Odell Lewis was featured in The Gleaner, a prominent newspaper in Jamaica, West Indies, for his work as a volunteer project coordinator for the prostate cancer programme at the Jamaica Cancer Society.  The featured article was titled: "Don't Delay... Check your Prostate." 

Hampton-Based Survivor Network Member Receives Prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant to Pursue Work in Prostate Cancer Heath

As one of only 40 applicants selected,  Terrance Afer-Anderson  joins Culture of Health Leaders, a new program co-led by the National Collaborative for Health Equity and CommonHealth ACTION with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Afer-Anderson will join leaders from across the country to participate in leadership development training and to collaborate and innovate to solve persistent challenges and advance a Culture of Health, one that places well-being at the center of every aspect of life. Norfolk,VA.   Afer-Anderson also moderated the PHEN Summit session, Increasing African American Participation in Clinical Trials.

Following the Summit, Afer-Anderson authored an article "MAN-UP! Educating Black Men to Avoid Prostate Cancer," for the New Journal and Guide, in which he shares his experiences as a PHEN Network Survivor and the importance of clinical trials.  Click to Read his Column Here.

Maryland-Based Survivor member of Maryland Cancer Control Committee and Featured on WHUR to Discuss PHEN Summit

Dr. Artie Shelton, retired U.S. Army Colonel and PHEN Survivor Network Regional Coordinator, made remarks as part of the PHEN panel,  Prostate Cancer Early Detection Testing-the Next Chapter. Shelton is also a member of the Maryland Cancer Control Committee and was recently featured on Howard University's WHUR, to discuss the PHEN Summit.   

Record Level of New PHEN Survivor Network Members Enrolling at Educational Symposiums and Other Events!
As part of PHEN's  Prostate Health Educational Symposia across the Country,  20 new members joined the PHEN Survivor Network,  hosted at Greater Allen AME Cathedral, on October 8th, in Queens, NY. A similar number joined at the Black Men's Advocacy Summit, at University of Florida, on September 24th. PHEN Founder and President, Thomas A. Farrington was this year's keynote. Enrollment in the Survivor Network is growing nationwide which is adding more committed resources to the fight against prostate cancer. Welcome to our new members and thank you!

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PHEN recruits and mobilizes prostate cancer survivors, and their loved ones  to provide education and awareness outreach within their communities. This survivor network, which stretches across the country and beyond, is the foundation for much of PHEN's grassroots community educational efforts.

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