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PNCR's mission is to provide parents with knowledge, skills, and resources to facilitate productive relationships with their school districts, ensuring an appropriate education for their child.  All services are offered at no cost.
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Strategies for a Successful Summer Break, Tips for Managing your Kids' Downtime to Help Make it Relaxing for Everyone.
by Beth Arky
Extended School Year (ESY) Services, by PACER (

An online resource for special needs services, offering practical resources for home, school and community.
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NYSED Updates and Guidance

Social Emotional Learning: A Guide to Systemic Whole School Implementaion (March 2019) 

Parental Consent for the Use of Public Benefits or Insurance Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 
(November 2018)  Here

Attachment: Ammended Regulations:  Here
Attachment: Sample Written Notification :Here  Attachment: Sample Consent Form: Here
Attachment: Questions and Answers: Here

Superintendent Determination Option for Graduation with a Local Diploma  (updated info) can be found 
HERE.  (August 2018)

Guidance on Students with Disabilities Resulting from Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia can be found   HERE (August 2018)

Q and A released on Impartial Hearings for Students with Disabilities  can be found HERE.
  (January, 2018)

Requirements Related to Special Education Impartial Hearings can be found 
HERE. (September 2017)

"Next Generation Learning Standards" approval announcement can be found 
HERE. (September 2017)

NYS Regents and local diploma requirements video series can be found HERE.  (August 2017)

Changes to the New York State Procedural Safeguards Notice: Rights for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Ages 3-21 can be found HERE. (July 2017)

Spring, 2019



 Happy Spring and CSE/IEP Season!!! Here at the PNCR we are aware that many parents are working tirelessly with their children in addition to preparing for the next school year. 

  Just as a reminder, as you are preparing for your Annual Review CSE Meeting for your child,  PNCR is pleased to be able to offer you personalized assistance in the preparation of this meeting. P lease contact our office, Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm, at 518-640-3320 or info@pnc

 Additionally, please take a look at our list of upcoming FREE trainings below as well as others within our area.  

The PNCR Team.
Sheri, Bonnie, Mary, and Jay

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Autism Expo. 2019   

Special Education Task Force Event:   Click here


Q.    This will be my first CSE Meeting for my 9 year old daughter. I have attended many trainings about what my child's rights are and I feel prepared, yet I am nervous. Do you have any last minute tips to be sure that I am not missing anything? 

Absolutely...even for parents that have been attending CSE meetings for many years there is always need for preparation.  Here are 5 tips to remember before walking into a CSE Meeting.  Click Here

We recently had the converstion with our son about his  learning strengths and weaknesses. We are trying to help him to understand how the IEP is a document to help him, but we are having a very difficult time explaining this to him. Do you have any suggestions?

A.  This is a common question that we get from parents of adolescent children.  We often recommend a tool call the "Draft IEP 
Interactive Tool".  It is a great device that you can use along with your son that helps him to identify what he perceives as his learning style, his strengths, and areas of weakness.  In turn, he identifies what assistance he feels he needs to reach his goals now and in the future.   Click here 
to create an account for the Interactive IEP.