May 15, 2021
Pantothenic acid - a "simple" B vitamin for fat loss, acne, hair growth, much more!

Rainy days and Mondays always get you down? You may be sensitive to barometric pressure changes. What to do (not about Monday, though, that's an entirely different challenge!).

Asparagus are in season; amazingly good for your health and even long-considered an aphrodisiac... Hmm....

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Pantothenic acid... vitamin B5
I recommend taking 1 capsule three times daily with or without food.

Barometric pressure changes got you down?
Barometric Pressure of 29.80 to 30.20 inHg If the pressure is steady or rising, expect the current conditions to stay the same. If the pressure drops slowly, there will be minimal change. If the pressure drops quickly, expect rain or snow.
Pine needles... amazing for your health!
Pine Needles to Protect from the Vaccinated? Much more...
We now have Korean white pine needle concentrated extract and NH white pine needles by the bunch in stock for making tea.
All about asparagus!
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