Dear Parents & Advocates,


FLYER Help us spread the word to the medical community! We must fill the PANDAS/PANS Conference at Brown University's Alpert Medical School in Rhode Island. We need to take advantage of this opportunity to attract physicians to treat and heal our children!


Click on the link below and share the conference flyer with psychiatrists, pediatricians, family physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers and other professionals. SPREAD THE WORD TODAY!   



This is the first CME medical conference since the publication of the groundbreaking JCAP. It is an "evidenced based educational activity aimed at those who provide care to children and adolescents to bring them up to date on the research, diagnosis and treatment of such children and to dispel the myths around the disorder".  


This event is hosted by Dr. Louise Kiessling, one the first researchers of PANDAS. She has put together an impressive speaker list that includes many of the JCAP authors, leading providers and researchers.