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March 1, 2017

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Mountaintop blowing up
Mountaintop removing in Wise County, Virginia. Photo by Mario Tama / Getty Images
"When you love something so much, part of you is part of that earth," said Tonya Adkins of Olive Hill, Kentucky as she rolled in her hand a small ball of clay she had scooped years earlier from her land.
Tonya was one of several Appalachian women and men who participated in The Ground Beneath Our Hearts, an event sponsored by Radical Joy for Hard Times in communities around the world affected by mineral extraction.
Speaking at the Sept ember 12, 2015 event in the coal mining country of Charleston, West Virginia, Tonya continued, "When I go home, my heart aches to see the place I love being blown u p. In its first form this little ball of clay was very soft, but through manipulations and being exposed to certain things, it's turned very hard. I used to be very shy and backward until I saw the earth being destroyed by mountaintop removal, and I've become tough. I've become tough in fighting the bad. "
For decades mountaintop mining, a coal extraction process that blows off the tops of Appalachian Mountain peaks to make the coal more accessible, has been providing a livelihood for the people of Appalachia, even as it makes them sick and shortens their lives.
Last month President Donald Trump signed a bill that killed the "stream protection rule" that President Obama enacted at the end of his term. Now coal companies will be much freer to dump mining debris into streams. This waste clogs waterways, clouds the air with toxic dust, and threatens health.
And now Tonya and the other people of Appalachia have even more to mourn about the places they love.
Watch all of Tonya Adkins's moving testimony and that of other participants in our Ground Beneath Our Hearts video.

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