Are churches required to have gay wedding ceremonies in Georgia?

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February 12, 2016

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"A man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." Ephesians 5:31
Georgia House Passes "Pastor Protection" Bill

Thursday brought good news from the Georgia Capitol as legislators in the House of Representatives unanimously passed a Bill that guarantees Georgia Pastors will not be required to perform gay wedding ceremonies. I know that it seems hard to believe that such a bill needed to be passed, but these are the times that test God's patience. This is a first blow against the liberal/progressive/perverted agenda that wants to declare God dead and His people helpless. But He is not and we are not!
The second part of the bill confirms that churches can refuse to allow their properties to be used for events that go against their religious convictions. If churches refuse, they cannot be subject to litigation.
The third section of the measure prohibits local governments from forcing businesses to open on a day that they set aside for religious observances.
The Bill now goes to the Georgia Senate. Several other bills should come before the Georgia House this year related to the rights of religious freedom that are clearly guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.
With today's action in mind, we must continue to pray for America. To every one of you who are a part of our Pray for America Campaign...our prayers, joined with the prayers of many other Christian Americans, may truly turn this nation back to sanity and salvation!
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This Week's Program Focuses on "The Primaries"

This week There's Hope America radio features an interview with Alex Swoyer, political journalist for Breitbart News. She has been traveling with the Republican candidates and has insight to what is happening in the primaries.
Also, I take time to share with her and our listeners why we need a President who has accepted Christ, our Savior and Lord, and is filled with the Holy Spirit. Does it really matter? Listen and hear what is said.

Prayer Focus for Week 7 of 2016

I ask all of our Prayer partners to join with me this week and pray for both the Republican and Democratic debates. They are critical at this time.
1. Pray that the truth will be told by the politicians being interviewed.
2. Pray that those who are the moderators will ask the revealing questions that need to be asked so that the true intentions of each Candidate might be made known.
3. Pray that the popularity by "showboating" candidates will give way to questions and answers that need to be asked and heard.
4. Pray that we will discover who deserves the votes of God's people and also those who we should not support.
5. Pray that God will confuse the mind and abilities of those who are against the causes of God's Kingdom so that even the least informed of our citizens will not grant them favor as they vote.

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