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Highlights of Our Life and Work
August 21, 2020
We are now in summer mode which means shorter working days for Joanne and Beth, our dedicated and hard-working office staff, so we have returned to one email per week. Please continue to send in your photos, prayer requests and uplifting messages to share with the congregation. They will be included in the Friday emails. 

Deadlines for Announcements 

Please email announcements to or call 604-531-2979 and we will include them our weekly email. 


During the months of July and August we will be sending out one email per week.


The deadline for the Friday email is Wednesday before noon.

Sunday Worship Online:
Photo:  Rodrigo Tejeda "Mr. Potato Head"
August 23, 2020 - Led by Rev. Gabrielle Suedfeld
The reading this week is 1 Corinthians 12:4-27, which talks about the gifts of the Spirit and the way in which all are needed as members of the body of Christ, to make the church balanced and whole. Paul confronts the congregation, and their divisions, urging them to come together, cooperate and value one another.  In what ways do we shine, as God's people, and how do we use our gifts to make this congregation healthy, happy and relevant to the world we live in right now?  With so many challenges before us, creativity and energy, as well as love will keep us together.
Scripture Reading1 Corinthians 12: 4-27
Sermon: "Keep the Faith Baby"
Hymns from Voices United (VU) are:
312, 588, 603, 602
Hymns from More Voices (MV) are:
Join us here
Scripture Reading, Hymns and colouring pages - Click here  to download.  
Want to participate using your own TV instead of a computer, and enjoy the service on a larger screen?  
Invite your friends and family members to worship with us from the comfort of their own home at a time that works for them.

We hope you can join us for our after Worship Virtual Coffee Sunday at 11:00 am.
Here are other ways PUC is connecting with one another

Are you missing meeting up with your PUC friends? Here are a few ways you can keep in touch in addition to following worship on YouTube.
Bring Your Mask and Own Beverage
FiddyDiddy Fiddy Diddy Outdoor visits with Janice (Fiddy Diddy is short-hand for physical distancing)

Janice is missing seeing her PUC people so here's a chance to come and visit with her and 5 others at the Sunnyside site.   We will meet Mondays and Fridays from 1-2 pm starting on Aug. 28.  Bring a lawn chair, facemask and your own beverage.  We'll meet on a shady grassy patch under the trees on the north-east corner of the Sunnyside property.  Please be aware that there is a slight slope from the parking lot down to our meeting place.  We will meet in the Sunnyside sanctuary during inclement weather.
Please RSVP with Beth in the office  604-531-2979. 
Sorry, the washrooms are not available during these visits.
Cafe Church: Al Fresco roughly translates to Café Church outside! We will be going to Kwomais park throughout the summer to worship, pray, and live our faith in God's Creation. 

Our next Cafe Church will be at Kwomais Point Park, South Surrey
on August 30 at 1 pm.
We require an RSVP for everyone attending for the safety of volunteers, staff and participants. Please contact Robyn  to RSVP or for further information!

You are welcome to bring camp chairs, picnic blankets or sit-upons to make the worship more comfortable.
sundaymorningSunday Coffee Hour  
(11 am Sunday Morning)
Regardless of when you watch the service, you're welcome to join us for a Zoom coffee hour at our usual time 11am on Sunday.  We meet altogether using Zoom and then move into break-out rooms of four or five people.  
There's always room in Zoom!  Come and give it a try.  
You don't need to use a computer, laptop, or tablet - though that is best.  You can also join by telephone! 
Any one of the following will be happy to coach you through setting up access to the coffee hour.
Don't forget you can join us by phone!  Here's how:  
  • Call 778-907-2071
  • Enter meeting ID:  893 1783 8813
  • Then enter password: 2979
Click here to join us via zoom video on your computer.
directoryHeads Up and Smiles On 
We know you've been looking forward to this

We are in the process of updating the PUC directory. Its purpose is to help us keep in touch with each other - please take advantage of it and give someone a call.  In the near future a volunteer will contact you to update your information for our 2020- 2021 Directory. You may wish to submit an updated photo or have one of our talented volunteer photographers take your photo.
More information will be available soon. Please check the weekly email announcements to learn more.
Throughout August, Rev. Janice invites you to join her and others from the Centering Prayer group as we pray in silence in our own  homes. Janice will be praying for 20 minutes each day at 7:30 am and again at 4:30 pm. For those who wake in the middle of the night, Don Galloway invites you to join him at 3:00 am.  If 20 minutes is too long for you, try 5 minutes whenever you can. 

For a one page introduction to Centering Prayer click here 

You could also watch this 8 minute introduction video by Father Thomas Keating, one of those who reintroduced this ancient prayer practice to Christians in the 20th Century. 
Here's another good video by Cynthia Bourgeault which includes a 15 minute prayer time.
You are welcome to join the Centering Prayer Zoom group on Tuesdays at 8 am for 10 minutes of Centering Prayer teaching and discussion followed by more casual conversation:

or Call us by phone 
  • Call 778-907-2071
  • Enter meeting ID:  869 3902 7236
  • Then enter password: 6882  
Don Galloway tells us why he participates in  Centering Prayer at Peninsula UC  
"Just like most folks I talk too much and listen too little. I guess we like to hear ourselves talk! It's kind of the same with prayer. From an early age I have been encouraged to ask God for assistance: for needed things, for good health, for love, for advice etc. and then giving thanks. But most of this was asking for God's help to deal with MY LIST of things. I never found this to be very satisfactory ... too much "talking" and not enough "listening". Now, what about actually "listening for God" and being aware that you are in the presence of our loving Creator? Over the years I began to realize that once I stopped all that talking and started listening for God and acting upon my new relationship, things began to happen. 
I heard about Centering Prayer at Peninsula and started attending the early morning prayer session at Peninsula UC once a week. I also read Cynthia Bourgeault's book on Centering Prayer. It made a lot of sense to me ... to clear my mind of the 24/7 noise, chatter, and the ever-persistent, ongoing bombardment of unfocused thoughts. Once you practice to clear and calm your mind, and hold in that state (meditating), you will start to hear and respond to God as your guide and loving Creator. I am amazed how powerful "active prayer listening" is compared to "prayer talking". Makes sense, doesn't it? Come learn (pray) with us.

By the way, you may wonder why I do my Centering Pray at 03:00 each day. That's when I wake up ... and I take advantage of a very quiet and peaceful early morning. Then I go back to bed for a few more winks."
gettingtoknowyou"Getting to Know You" - This week's invitation!
Do you remember that song from "The King and I"?  Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me".
Let's try an experiment to help us get to know one another better at Peninsula United Church.  
Open your church directory, find your name and 
count forward 20 names and give that person a call to simply get to know them better.  Remember to introduce yourself and ask if this is a convenient time to call.  It may be that some are not able or interested in being part of this getting to know you experiment. Don't take it personally. Call someone else instead. Let's  give it a try and see what happens.
More News
"We are not alone. Thanks be to God".

Your Generous Gifts are More Important than Ever
As we know, God's work is never done. Our ministries continue during the week, over months and years. It is immeasurable and powerful how it touches people even when we don't see them face to face.
We deeply appreciate your continuing, faithful gifts at this time.
Click here  for information on how to continue your offerings during this changing time.
(Photo credit: World Vision Reuters)
United Church Appeal for the Devastation in Lebanon 

The tragic explosion in Beirut on August 4 caused immense destruction, and the death toll continues to rise. You can help those affected by donating to our appeal. Your donations will be matched by the Canadian government until August 24, 2020.

The United Church of Canada has been in contact with our Mission & Service partners in the region about how best to respond to this tragedy. Please continue to pray for the injured and those who have lost their lives, as well as the families, communities, and first responders to the disaster.

Find out more and donate.

Other Opportunities for Worshipping Online
Below are links to three online ministries - you may want to worship from the comfort of your home with them!
* Trinity United Church, Prince George BC - 10am PST 9:55 Community Announcements, 10am Worship
Please let the office know if you found other worship sites that you would like to recommend.
Here's your chance to take a course from Naramata without leaving your own home. Our congregation has purchased an "All Access Pass"-- a new initiative from Naramata Centre in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. What does this mean for you? It means that you have free access to over 40 on-line courses available between July 4th and December 31st, valued at between $110-$250 each. The All Access Pass is your doorway to engage in opportunities for learning, growth and spiritual transformation while building an inclusive and welcoming space online. You can make this an intentional community experience with others from the congregation. Gather on-line and then follow up later to deepen the learning with those who participated in the same on-line course.

Click here to check the Naramata website for upcoming Fall retreats.  Here's one to consider: 
Loving Self: Caregivers Retreat Weekend  
With Keri Wehlander, Cindi Tomochko and Natalie Maxson

September 11 - 13, 2020
This special weekend retreat was developed for all caregivers to allow for the chance to relax, rejuvenate and connect with other caregivers in a beautiful setting of Naramata.
For More Details and to register click here. 
August 24 - 28 - Summer Sabbath Series - A Time for Contemplation, Reflection and Sharing
Summer Sabbath Series is an at home retreat, providing the opportunity to intentionally make space for paying attention to the earth and our relationship with it.

We will follow a rhythm of contemplation, reflection, sharing, and creative integration through journaling, poetry and art, all in the context of a community.

This series is offered online via Zoom.  
August 24-28, 2020 8:30am - 4:00PM PDT
Program Fee: $250. Sign up with your All Access Pass and receive 20% off.
For More Details and to register click here.
If you need the discount code or have questions, feel free to give Barbara Gregg a call - 604-649-4926.
Plan to gather on-line with friends and register in the program of your choice - using the Peninsula UC All Access Pass. You will be given a password and connection information.
Please Pray for....
If you would like specific prayers for yourself or someone else to be included in the prayers of the people during our worship please send names to Rev. Janice at or leave a phone message at the office.

If the prayer is for someone else, please first seek that person's permission to have their name included in our public worship service.

Donna Roy and Kathy Booth are requesting  prayers that the Spirit will guide us in our search for partners and a new home for our Community Dinners and Extreme Weather Shelter.     
What are you doing with your time during
this time of Covid - 19?

Thank you to Kathy Cross, Alyth MacDougall, Val Weinert, and Val MacMillan for organizing and hosting an elegant tea for the UCW group in Kathy Cross' lovely shaded backyard.


Share your pictures
Please be aware that pictures submitted for use in Constant Contact will be posted publicly in our email, website,YouTube, and other online services as required to serve our congregation.  

By submitting your photo you are giving Peninsula United Church explicit permission to use your photos for the above stated purpose until such time that explicit instructions to withdraw your consent are received.

If you have questions about the use of photos, please contact the church office.
To view our Privacy Policy click here.

Questions about the privacy policy can be directed to our Privacy Officer, Anna Paton.
Sharing Fun, Meaningful & Inspiring Videos
COVID-19 Update
With the province beginning the relaxation of the rules on gathering, the church is beginning to get calls on when we might be reopening. The Council of Peninsula UC has asked a small group to look at the what-how-when-etc. This group is Carol Monaghan from M&P, Anna Paton from Trustees, Lee Chamberlain from Property, Nikkie Ripka from Third Space, and Kathy Matusiak from Congregational Care. At our first meeting on June 8th we began considering all the available documentation, guidelines and procedures to prepare the reopening plans for PUC. This will take time and patience as our main concern is that we will keep our staff, congregation, user groups and wider community safe. Be assured, you will hear more from us.  
Thank you and, like Dr. Bonnie says, continue to be kind, be calm, be safe
COVID-19 Office Procedures Update
During the Covid 19 Restrictions, please remember that the buildings are still closed. The only staff working at the office are Janice Young, Beth Henderson and Sheri Kathrein
To ensure the safety of everyone, please respect the protocols posted on the doors and inside the building entrances. This applies to everyone including key holders.  
If you have an urgent need to come to the office, please call the office at 604-531-2979 to make arrangements.  These procedures apply to everyone including key holders.
Your Ministers are Here for You
Although Janice  cannot visit folks in person she is happy to speak with you by phone, especially if you are struggling with anxiety, health or family crises.
Janice: 604-531-2979 ext.2 or 

Rev. Bruce is away on Sabbatical  and will return on October 1.

Office Closed But Staff is on On the Job
The office and ThirdSpace  will be closed for the foreseeable future but all our staff are available by phone and email.

ThirdSpace: 604-385-0822 
Robyn Garland (Emerging Spirit Ministry): 
Prayer Ministry Requests:
During the Corona Virus Pandemic, since we are no longer placing written requests in the sanctuary Prayer Box, members and adherents can submit prayer requests to Louise Bureau or Olive Lee by email or phone.  You can find our contact information in the church directory. If phoning in a request, please phone before 8 PM. You may also submit requests through our ministers. Thank-you. It is our privilege to serve you through our prayer ministry.
What's new at ThirdSpace  
#1 - 1381 George St.  
White Rock, BC  
V4B 2L1
Death Cafe - at ThirdSpace resumes in person on September 3.
7pm at Thirdspace - 1381 George St  in White Rock.  Must RSVP! 
We are excited to resume hosting Death Cafe to provide people a supportive place to engage in open, honest conversation about our mortality and how this awareness leads to living life more fully.  Due to Covid 19 we are forced to limit the attendance to 6 people to ensure physical distancing protocols are observed.
If you'd like to attend, please click here to RSVP .
Co- hosted by Leisa Bannerman & Susan Zwick

Volunteers Needed for ThirdSpace
As we continue to explore and plan ways we can gather safely and comfortably, we are looking for volunteers.
If you are interested in volunteering in some way - in a socially distant, and safe manner. Please contact Nikkie 
Volunteering duties may include: helping set up social distancing markers, hosting a sign in/sanitizing table, set up/take down of outdoor gatherings, marketing and spreading the word!
We still do not have immediate plans at this time to gather in the physical space. Volunteers would be expected to follow ThirdSpace Safety protocols in place.
ThirdSpace has a NEW WEBSITE!
Check out our new fresh site
and be sure to check back often! We will be keeping it up to date with the latest updates and happenings from ThirdSpace!

ThirdSpace is still building community and working to connect with you stronger than ever! Feel free to share with your family and friends so more people can connect and check in as we come together!

For more information, please contact Nikkie
ThirdSpace is looking for some shade canopies to use as we begin to reopen.
If you have a large shade canopy (with no sides, just a shade cover on top) that you would be willing to part with for the summer, please

Thank you so much and look to future announcements for when in person conversations are going to start up!
ThirdSpace Summer Conversation Cafe
every Wednesday at 10:30am

Join  Wednesdays, at 10:30 for our Virtual Summer Conversation Cafe. As summer finally dawns our Conversation Café takes on a summer vibe as we relax our format - we will start with a topic and let the conversation flow where it may. 
Bring your mug of tea or coffee to ThirdSpace and have some conversation face to face!

This Week's Topic:
Share your favorite comfort meal recipe! (We would love to hear the story behind why it's your favorite) 
Check the Website for the next topic.

We will be meeting outside in a physically distant manner! 

Please bring your own mug for coffee, tea or water and a camp chair or sit-upon. Canopies will be put up for shade and marks have been made to show how far apart to stand to remain safely physically distant. Please also bring a mask, just in case.

**You will need to sign in at a table and you will be asked about any symptoms, leaving the country and other possible exposures.**

Feel free to contact us for a copy of our safety plan for this event.

Weather dependent week to week. If the weather is not accommodating, we will be hosting Summer Conversation Café virtually on Zoom.
Instructions to join virtually (IF REQUIRED) below:

RAINY DAY - Conversation Café  Wednesday at 10:30am: 
**Instructions to join online** 
You can join us by phone, or by Zoom video chat - your choice! 
1. Join us by Zoom video chat:
Meeting ID: 959 3657 1745
Password: 0822  


2. Join us by phone (voice only). Here's how:
Call 778 907 2071, enter meeting ID: 959 3657 1745, Password:0822 
ThirdSpace Virtual Cafe Drop In - every Friday @ 10:30
Meeting ID: 999 4167 9678
Password: 0822
or you can also join us by phone.  
Here's how: Call 778 907 2071, enter meeting ID: 999 4167 9678, then password: 0822
Pacific Mountain Regional Council
Click here to see what's happening in the Pacific Mountain Region during Covid-19 physical distancing measures

First Things First - Summer 2020
I'm reaching out to share the digital edition of First Things First: Summer 2020 with you, featuring stories from the front lines of our community here in the Downtown Eastside.