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Highlights of Our Life and Work
September 18, 2020


Here is the latest news from our community of faith.  During these times of physical distancing, we want to be intentional about staying connected, so please continue to send in your photos, prayer requests and uplifting messages to share with the congregation. They will be included in our weekly Friday emails.  We are not alone...

Deadlines for Announcements 

Please email announcements to or call 604-531-2979 and we will include them in our weekly email. 


The deadline for the Friday email is Wednesday before noon.

In This Issue
Worship this Week
Sunday Worship Online: September 20, 2020

Week 3 of our Beguiled By Beauty series"We are Made for the Beloved".  

Join us as we journey to a local Community Garden to witness a sign of God's love shown to us in the bounty of the land.   We will celebrate another sign of God's love through the sacrament of  baptism. 
Scripture Reading
Psalm: 16: 7-11
Sermon: An Epiphany in the Beans

Hymns from Voices United (VU) are:
Hymns from More Voice (MV) are:
82; 103; 145; 144
Scripture Reading, Hymns and colouring pages - Click here  to download.  
Want to participate using your own TV instead of a computer, and enjoy the service on a larger screen?  
Invite your friends and family members to worship with us from the comfort of their own home at a time that works for them.

We hope you can join us for our after Worship Virtual Coffee Sunday at 11:00 am.
Attention all Beauty Lovers
As we continue with our theme of Beguiled by Beauty we thought it would be a fun activity to ask all of you to share photos you feel showcase beauty. If you would like to have ONE of your photos showcased here please contact the church office with your photo and a brief description of what inspired you to take that picture and why it moves youThanks. Let the sharing begin!
This picture from Peter Jones is a great example of what we're looking for - one photograph with a short description:
"This sedum and moss was thriving high on a rock bluff on Pender Island last winter. From this spot one can see the Olympic Mountains, close to 100 miles away, but I was beguiled by the beauty at my feet."

Kathy Booth was recently beguiled with a magical week at Slocan Lake.

Nancy Painter shared some photos of beauty for those of us who are still flatlanders at heart!

Public Domain
The Naad Malhaar Concert (Water Music)
Want to be Beguiled by the Beauty of music performed in our local Darts Hill Garden Park?  Check out this hour long concert, Friday, Sept 18, 7:00 pm with  musicians Amarjeet Singh, Bruce Harding (Minister of Music at Crossroads United Church in Delta) and Baljit Singh  for a show that is a perfect marriage of setting and song: The Naad Malhaar Concert (English translation: Water Music). This accomplished trio from Indian Standard Time will delight audiences with the enchanting and soothing sounds of the tabla, flute, and dilruba.
To attend this online event, tune in here, or follow the link on  Surrey Civic Theatres' Facebook or the  City of Surrey's YouTube Channel.
   Phoners  Urgently Needed!
We need volunteers to aid in collecting information for the new church directory. If you are able to help with this please contact Sylvia Uhreen at 604-538-1383.

An Update from the Covid-19 Safety Team
(Kathy Matusiak, Anna Paton, Lee Chamberlain,
Carol Monaghan and Nikkie Ripka): 
Our Covid-19 Safety Team worked with Council members and Teri Lydiard to formulate a set of protocols for the safe reopening of the church facilities for church groups and user groups as well as for staff members.  The Strategic Leadership Committee (SLC) approved the Peninsula United Church COVID-19 Safety Plan and delegated responsibility for approving the requests for access and use of our facilities to the Safety Team. The Safety Team will use the required template outlining the requirements and commitments to ensure all users are as safe as possible, while acknowledging potential risks...
Reminder of COVID-19 Office Procedures: 
During the Covid 19 Restrictions, please remember that the buildings are still closed. The only staff working at the office are Janice Young, Beth Henderson and Sheri Kathrein
To ensure the safety of everyone, please respect the protocols posted on the doors and inside the building entrances. This applies to everyone including key holders. 
If you have an urgent need to come to the office, please call the office at 604-531-2979 to make an appointment wear a mask when you come.  
These procedures apply to everyone including key holders.
News from Affirming Ministry
What's the difference between being "Welcoming" and "Affirming"? Most congregations do their best to be welcoming, but being affirming goes deeper and is public, intentional, and explicit, in their commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Your TAMBO Committee has summarized the feedback from our survey and conversations following the three TAMBO worship services, in a list of TAKEAWAYS. Please take time to review the TAKEAWAYS as you ask yourself the following questions:
What area of church life are you drawn to/excited by/find appealing?
  1. What is missing and important to you?
  2. How might one or more read if stated as a mission statement?
  3. What additional thoughts do I have as I consider my own takeaways?
Please respond to by September 24 so that TAMBO can take your thoughts and suggestions to the next meeting of Council.
We give thanks for your ongoing involvement with this important work for the life of Peninsula United Church.
Click here to read the list of TAKEAWAYS.
Toiletries Needed!
The Nitelights are, once again, gathering toiletries to package and give to Atira Women's Resource Society this fall. Should you wish to contribute any NEW items please drop them off at the home of Val Weinert - 13761 18A Avenue. Val will leave a cardboard box labelled "toiletries" on her back deck. As the box will be there daily from 9am to 9pm there is no need to contact Val to make sure she is home.  For further information call Val-604-536-6576
Cookbook: Deadline for Submissions Extended!

ThirdSpace is going to be creating a digital cookbook! Filled with recipes from the community of comfort foods! This cookbook is not something you are going to want to miss out on!

Send your recipes to Robyn at  to have your fave food featured! Also, you can send a little blurb about WHY this is your comfort food.
Send by September 21 so we have a chance to put them all together!
We already have recipes for entrees, appetizers and desserts!
Where does your favourite recipe fit in?!
Orange Shirt Story
Every year on September 30th, we wear orange shirts to honour residential school survivors. Orange Shirt Day grew out of Phyllis Webstad's story of having her shiny new orange shirt taken away on her first day of school at residential school, told for the first time in May 2013. It has become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually. Orange Shirt Day is also an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come. Phyllis published her first children's book called "The Orange Shirt Story" which aims to bring communities together.
Here are other ways PUC is connecting with one another

Are you missing meeting up with your PUC friends? Here are a few ways you can keep in touch in addition to following worship on YouTube.
walktalkWalk & Talk - West Beach
Wednesday, September 21
If you would like to join a group of 4 to "Walk and Talk" on Wednesday, September 21 at 10 AM, email Janet McIntosh 

Our one hour "Walk" will be on the Chickadee Loop of the Sunnyside Urban Forest Trail.  It will be easy to physically distance on the trail. After, we will have our half hour "Talk" at a nearby picnic shelter, where again it will be easy to physically distance. We will go rain or shine. 
Email Janet for directions on where we will meet to start the walk.

Bring Your Mask and Own Beverage
FiddyDiddy Fiddy Diddy Outdoor visits with Janice
(Fiddy Diddy is short-hand for physical distancing)

Janice is missing seeing her PUC people so here's a chance to come and visit with her and 5 others at the Sunnyside site. We will meet Mondays only, starting September 14, from 1-2 pm.  Bring a lawn chair, face mask and your own beverage.  We'll meet on a shady grassy patch under the trees on the north-east corner of the Sunnyside property.  Please be aware that there is a slight slope from the parking lot down to our meeting place.  We will meet in the Sunnyside sanctuary during inclement weather.
Because the number of people we can safely accommodate is limited, please RSVP with Beth in the office  604-531-2979. 
Sorry, the washrooms are not available during these visits.
Chubb Gosse, June Pratt, Winnie Kowalewich, Janice Young, Pat Anderson
August 28, 2020
Cafe Church: Al Fresco on September 20th is Full! 
Keep watching for details of upcoming Cafe Church events.  
(11 am Sunday Morning)
Regardless of when you watch the service, you're welcome to join us for a Zoom coffee hour at our usual time 11am on Sunday.  We meet altogether using Zoom and then move into break-out rooms of four or five people.  
There's always room in Zoom!  Come and give it a try.  
Photo: Stuart Lyster

You don't need to use a computer, laptop, or tablet - though that is best.  You can also join by telephone! 
Any one of the following will be happy to coach you through setting up access to the coffee hour.
Don't forget you can join us by phone!  Here's how:  
  • Call 778-907-2071
  • Enter meeting ID:  893 1783 8813
  • Then enter password: 2979
Click here to join us via zoom video on your computer.
It is important that we contact everyone who is listed and we are doing our best to avoid duplicate calls.  However, if you do receive more than one call, please be kind.
PHOTOS: Those wishing to have a photograph      
included or updated in the directory can email a photo to note: Couples or family groups should be posed together as only one photo can be posted in the directory). 
We will also have someone available to take pictures. Please contact Barb Gregg at 604-594-1262 or to arrange to have a photo taken.

Are You New to Peninsula United?  We would love to hear from you if you wish to be included in our directory.  Contact Sylvia Uhreen  by email or at 604-538-1383    
gettingtoknowyou"Getting to Know You": This week's invitation!

Do you remember that song from "The King and I"?  "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me".
Let's try an experiment to help us get to know one another better at Peninsula United Church.  
Open your church directory, find your name and 
count forward 35 names from your name in the directory and give that person a call to simply get to know them better.  Remember to introduce yourself and ask if this is a convenient time to call.  It may be that some are not able or interested in being part of this getting to know you experiment. Don't take it personally. Call someone else instead. Let's  give it a try and see what happens.
More News
Your Generous Gifts are More Important than Ever
As we know, God's work is never done. Our ministries continue during the week, over months and years. It is immeasurable and powerful how it touches people even when we don't see them face to face.
We deeply appreciate your continuing, faithful gifts at this time.
Click here  for information on how to continue your offerings during this changing time.
Other Opportunities for Worshipping Online
Below are links to three online ministries - you may want to worship from the comfort of your home with them!
* Trinity United Church, Prince George BC - 10am PST 9:55 Community Announcements, 10am Worship
Please let the office know if you found other worship sites that you would like to recommend.
Here's your chance to take a course from Naramata without leaving your own home. Our congregation has purchased an "All Access Pass"-- a new initiative from Naramata Centre in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. What does this mean for you? It means that you have free access to over 40 on-line courses available between July 4th and December 31st, valued at between $110-$250 each. The All Access Pass is your doorway to engage in opportunities for learning, growth and spiritual transformation while building an inclusive and welcoming space online. You can make this an intentional community experience with others from the congregation. Gather on-line and then follow up later to deepen the learning with those who participated in the same on-line course.

Click here to check the Naramata website for upcoming Fall retreats.  Here's one to consider: 
September 24 - October 15 -  
Rebirthing the Soul (Finding Harmony in   Life's Unfolding)
Tap into your own inner widsom, learn to trust yourself, and cultivate confidence in your sense of what is right for you and your loved ones.
To register click here
Facilitated by Kim Marie
If you need the discount code or have questions, feel free to give Barbara Gregg a call  604-649-4926.
Plan to gather on-line with friends and register in the program of your choice - using the Peninsula UC All Access Pass. You will be given a password and connection information.
It is with sadness, we inform you that Paul Pieron died on Sept 15 from complications after his recent heart surgery.   A life so beautifully lived needs to be beautifully remembered.    We will keep you informed as plans unfold to celebrate Paul's life and give thanks to God for his love and faithfulness.  In the meantime, please hold Henriette and her family in your prayers.

Bob McKay, another member of our congregation died on September 3.  A small graveside service for Bob is being planned.  Please hold his wife, Jean and her family in your prayers.  
Please Pray for....
If you would like specific prayers for yourself or someone else to be included in the prayers of the people during our worship please send names to Rev. Janice  or leave a phone message at the office.

If the prayer is for someone else, please first seek that person's permission to have their name included in our public worship service.

Donna Roy and Kathy Booth are requesting  prayers that the Spirit will guide us in our search for partners and a new home for our Community Dinners and Extreme Weather Shelter.     
What are you doing with your time during
this time of COVID - 19?

Share your pictures
Please be aware that pictures submitted for use in Constant Contact will be posted publicly in our email, website,YouTube, and other online services as required to serve our congregation.  

By submitting your photo you are giving Peninsula United Church explicit permission to use your photos for the above stated purpose until such time that explicit instructions to withdraw your consent are received.

If you have questions about the use of photos, please contact the church office.
To view our Privacy Policy click here.

Questions about the privacy policy can be directed to our Privacy Officer, Anna Paton.
What's new at ThirdSpace  
#1 - 1381 George St.  
White Rock, BC  
V4B 2L1

Volunteers Needed for
As we continue to explore and plan ways we can gather safely and comfortably, we are looking for volunteers.
If you are interested in volunteering in some way - in a socially distant, and safe manner. Please contact Nikkie 
Volunteering duties may include: helping set up social distancing markers, hosting a sign in/sanitizing table, set up/take down of outdoor gatherings, marketing and spreading the word!
We still do not have immediate plans at this time to gather in the physical space. Volunteers would be expected to follow ThirdSpace Safety protocols in place.
every Wednesday at 10:30am

Join  Wednesdays, at 10:30 for our Virtual Summer Conversation Cafe. As summer finally dawns our Conversation Café takes on a summer vibe as we relax our format - we will start with a topic and let the conversation flow where it may. 
Bring your mug of tea or coffee to ThirdSpace and have some conversation face to face!

This Week's Topic: 
September 23:
What do you love about fall?

We will be meeting outside in a physically distant manner! 

Please bring your own mug for coffee, tea or water and a camp chair or sit-upon. Canopies will be put up for shade and marks have been made to show how far apart to stand to remain safely physically distant. Please also bring a mask, just in case.

**You will need to sign in at a table and you will be asked about any symptoms, leaving the country and other possible exposures.**

Feel free to contact us for a copy of our safety plan for this event.

Weather dependent week to week. If the weather is not accommodating, we will be hosting Summer Conversation Café virtually on Zoom.
Instructions to join virtually (IF REQUIRED) below:

RAINY DAY - Conversation Café  Wednesday at 10:30am: 
**Instructions to join online** 
You can join us by phone, or by Zoom video chat - your choice! 
1. Join us by Zoom video chat:
Meeting ID: 959 3657 1745
Password: 0822  


2. Join us by phone (voice only). Here's how:
Call 778 907 2071, enter meeting ID: 959 3657 1745, Password:0822 
Every Friday 10 - 11 am
Meeting ID: 999 4167 9678
Password: 0822
or you can also join us by phone.  
Here's how: Call 778 907 2071, enter meeting ID: 999 4167 9678, then password: 0822
News from the Wider Church
A Message from First United in Vancouver

In the midst of two public health crises, we can't afford to stop.
We're approaching Day 1600 since the province declared an overdose emergency, but right now things are only getting worse. In 2020, while COVID-19 grabbed headlines and forced us all to adapt, we've broken overdose death records. Both COVID-19 and the overdose crisis are emergencies, and both should be treated as such.

First United has always served the needs of our Downtown Eastside community, and those needs have evolved. . Will you chip in $5 today?
Help us to serve the needs of the Downtown Eastside community as a place of hope and healing through two public health emergencies and the suffering they've brought.
Support the call to fix the poisoned drug supply and ensure safe, regulated substances alongside treatment and support for those who need it. 
We can't do this work without you. Please donate today.
Pacific Mountain Regional Council
Click here to see what's happening in the Pacific Mountain Region during Covid-19 physical distancing measures

Prayer Ministry Requests:
During the Corona Virus Pandemic, since we are no longer placing written requests in the sanctuary Prayer Box, members and adherents can submit prayer requests to Louise Bureau or Olive Lee by email or phone.  You can find our contact information in the church directory. If phoning in a request, please phone before 8 PM. You may also submit requests through our ministers. Thank-you. It is our privilege to serve you through our prayer ministry.
Sharing Fun, Meaningful & Inspiring Videos
Your Ministers are Here for You
Although Janice  cannot visit folks in person she is happy to speak with you by phone, especially if you are struggling with anxiety, health or family crises.
Janice: 604-531-2979 ext.2 or 

Rev. Bruce is away on Sabbatical  and will return on October 1.

Office Closed But Staff is on On the Job
The office and ThirdSpace  will be closed for the foreseeable future but all our staff are available by phone and email.

ThirdSpace: 604-385-0822 
Robyn Garland (Emerging Spirit Ministry):