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Mid - Week Uplift
May 20, 2020

During these times of physical distancing, we want to be intentional about staying connected, so we have added this MID-WEEK UPLIFT to our regular Friday highlights of our life and work. We are not alone...
Sharing Fun, Meaningful & Inspiring Videos

The 10th Apple Effect  
Take 5 minutes to view this inspiring video about the Law of Diminishing Gratitude.  It reminds us not to take gifts for granted and to never let our gratitude for life fade away.  Watch video

Something beautiful has happened in the last few weeks 
"In the face of a vicious pandemic, when it would have been so easy for fear and selfishness to rule, we've found our shared humanity again."
AVAAZ, a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere, has shared ten beautiful stories "to remind us of who we really are when it matters most, and that we really are capable of meeting the biggest threats we face - together."

Here is one of those stories:   
"People in Naples, Italy, have been leaving "solidarity baskets" for those who are struggling. The note reads: "Put in, if you can. Take out, if you can't." And it's not just Naples: across the planet, citizens are helping out their neighbours, from buying groceries to cooking meals for those in need. How beautiful is that?"
Click here
to read more stories like this, 
Painting courtesy of: Ed Hill

Our paddling friend, Ed Hill, has completed another painting.  Ed always has a story that describes how the painting came to be  and what it means to him.  But not this time.  He knows that this image insists on being titled "Broken" but the story is evading him.   This is momentous because Ed is never at a loss for words.  He wonders if  this painting is calling forth our own stories of brokenness.  
If the image calls to you, see what personal story is evoked by putting your pen to paper.  
I f you would like to see more of Ed's paintings click here 

I started this painting on April 6th, 2020, and finished it on April 27th.  If you check back you'll see that's right in the first month or so of "isolation" in the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 here in Canada, and in particular, British Columbia.  These are troubling and very difficult times for all of us.
I'd seen this tree, on the Squamish Reserve lands just north of Gibsons, for over 25 years.  Though always intrigued by its shape, no painting ever "came into focus" for me.  It was Joy who enticed me down there again early in April....
Click here to read the rest of Ed's story
While driving to the office this week , Janice had the great pleasure of encountering Jean Kromm. Janice received an energetic licking from Riley and this gem of wisdom from Jean..
...during this time of forced solitude, I've found myself treasuring the silence and choosing the quiet as an opportunity to simply be with my thoughts. This seems to have resulted in a heightened awareness of my good fortune. Spring has never unfolded so beautifully!

Good News!
For 6 weeks (Mar 31- May 13) sandwiches donated by the Food Bank and Save on Food cards were offered to our homeless neighbours. We usually met with about 6 folks and gradually the numbers decreased as government funding allowed some to finally find housing, food and hospital care was provided to one very ill person. Now Peace Portal Alliance Church is offering nightly Shelter and food until the end of June for those who remain homeless. Thanks be to God for these blessings .
~ Kathy Booth
Please send us stories of people connected to our congregation who are working on the front lines so we can recognize, thank and pray for them. 

Please ask the person/s you know if we can recognize them and pray for them.  See if they will let us post their photo and say something about their contribution to caring for others
Please Pray for....
if you would like specific prayers for yourself or someone  else to be included in the prayers of the people during our worship please send  names to Rev. Janice at or leave a phone message at the office. 

If the prayer is for someone else, please first seek that person's permission to have their name included in our public worship service.
Progress report on the Semiahmoo site
Retaining walls are going up.  Looks like they are making good progress.
Photo: Gord Lapthorne
Photo: Gord Lapthorne

Photo:Bill Lightowlers

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Pacific Mountain Regional Council
Click here  to see what's happening in the Pacific Mountain Region during Covid-19 physical distancing measures
From Our Administration Team
Please email announcements to or call 604-531-2979 and we will include them in one of our two weekly emails.