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STEM Sports® is a K-8 curriculum company that is committed to the educational enrichment of young students. Our unique supplemental curriculum lessons are carefully constructed to be creative and strategic, immersing students in education, sport, and physical activities that allow students to cultivate and promote their STEM literacy, engagement, and retention.
Contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as free lunch!

Despite what our high school Chemistry teacher told us sophomore year, we’re offering a free supplemental curriculum lesson called Playing with Precision .

The premise: when you give a child a ball and ask them to throw it, their first reaction is to throw it as far and as hard as they can. But what about precision? In this hands-on lesson, students will learn about energy transfer, accuracy and, of course, precision, as they try to get a “ball” into a bucket or at a target. This lesson is a great example of the types of modules included in our current inventory of supplemental curriculum.

Playing with Precision aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), making it perfect to implement in the classroom or after-school program. While having fun, students will also begin to learn about the Engineering Design Process (EDP) through trial and error. 

The lesson is easily implemented at any grade and skill level. STEM Sports® has created a 3rd to 5th grade lesson plan as well as a 6th to 8th grade lesson. Each of these separate curricula teaches the same core concepts, and they are presented in a way that is going to make students in each of these grade categories successful in learning the stated concept and objectives, precisely!
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STEM Sports ® has the great privilege of attending several events each quarter. Here are some of the highlights from this past quarter…
In September, we were asked to host a panel to discuss the great double play of Sport and STEM. We were thrilled to present fantastic panelists and we had an eager audience to listen to all that was shared from the stage through our theme, Give STEM a Sporting Chance.

Pictured from left: Jeff Golner, Karina Bohn, Mike DuVarney, Misty Hyman, Steven Hunter & Sean Barton

Our session uncovered how sports can be utilized as a catalyst for young students to discover and learn about STEM principles. After all, not all students will go on to careers playing sports for a living; sports does provide a myriad of different occupations and jobs off the playing court or field. 
Big thanks to our panelists!
Additionally, we had a captive audience of professional sports franchise executives as well as local and international non-profit agency contacts who attentively learned more about our curriculum offerings. We're always excited to attend these events and look forward to what may come...beyond...