Big changes

Shortly after passing our third anniversary of being in business, we've decided that this ordering period will be our last.  We came to Santa Cruz with aspirations to farm.  When we started this business, we hoped it would help bring us closer to that dream, and we held to visions of becoming a primary grower for the website some day.

Unfortunately, our farm dream has not yet panned out for us; instead Santa Cruz Local Foods has required all of our energy, leaving no space to pursue any potential farming or homesteading projects more in line with our greater vision.  All the while, we blossomed from two into a new family of three, and with another baby on the way now, we are feeling much less able to compromise our available time and energy for the sake of growing our company.

We began SCLF with no capital, and have thus far reinvested most all of its profits into infrastructure, leaving little-to-nothing to take home for our family for the work we have put in thus far.  Although costs are leveling out for SCLF, we need some time away to regroup, and with no hope of that on the horizon, we've decided to move onward instead.  

We have yet to find a way to create a comfortable nest as a family in Santa Cruz, as the cost of living is so high.  To get by while running a new and not-yet-very-profitable business, we have been working other jobs on the side, leaving us exhausted.  We have found ourselves in many shared housing situations to keep our cost of living down, but from those situations arose various challenges, leaving us moving on time after time, feeling more transient and less grounded.  

So we're passing our business along.  We're hoping to find a place to live where we can have a home and become grounded in ourselves and our family once more.  We are not certain at this time who will carry SCLF into the future, but we will know soon, and then so will all of you.

In the mean time, we're selling off some inventory this week, and refraining from selling produce until new ownership is confirmed.  All of our shelf stable and frozen goods will be at nearly 20% off this week.  This is an especially awesome deal on any frozen meats we have in stock!!  Selling off our inventory will help us become closer to paying off our debts, protecting us in case the business does not carry on after all.  If you have already purchased produce for this week, we will refund that portion of your order.

We are also only offering warehouse pickup, which is our Far West Side location.  If you have already ordered and are unable to make it to this location, let us know. 

We thank you all for your years of continued support.  The only reason we kept going many times was because of all of the gratitude we received from our customers.  It's been great getting to know you all.

Eleanor, Mira, and Noah