Port of Bremerton Quarterly Newsletter, Fall 2021
Table of Contents:
  • Foreword by Port Commissioner Anderson
  • Airport updates
  • Marina updates
  • New tenant Pacific Northwest Aeronautics
  • Circuit of the Northwest feature
  • We're hiring!
  • Port news you may have missed
Staying the course
by Commissioner Gary Anderson
By any measure, I am a relatively new Port Commissioner with 18 months of service under my belt. However, my years of business experience allow me to provide a fresh perspective that I can contribute to the team. As I look back at my experience so far, my initial thought is that I am very fortunate for the opportunity I have been granted. Many might say that these current times are burdened by a lot of issues, i.e., COVID, masking, restrictions, etc., but I have found that through this time, the Port of Bremerton has steadfastly maintained its focus and has moved forward with development projects that continue to improve Port properties, provide space for companies to locate and thereby bring needed good-paying jobs to our area. I think you could say, with confidence, that the ongoing activities at Port properties have provided an uplifting spirit among the local population who observe Port developments or utilize the Port's marinas and airport during this difficult time.

It is a pleasure to be a part of it all, and there is more to come.

Just last month, the efforts to remove the old diner and begin rebuilding the state-of-the-art replacement began. The new facility is certain to be an asset the community will be proud of and a destination point for flying enthusiasts, our local population, and visitors.

Across the street from the airport, the land has been developed and a new building constructed to serve a new tenant, with adjacent land ready for more tenants who are working on their building plans. Additional nearby lands are under discussion with a prospective tenant to finalize a pathway to help them achieve their goals in our community, and previous land development activities on Port industrial lands and airport properties have positioned the Port to meet the current exploding demands for these segments. As a result, Port staff are working with other new tenants anxious to locate their businesses and airplanes on Port property in the near future.

All of this activity is occurring despite the circumstances, and the Port's focus on promoting commerce and job-creating opportunities continues. As a result of these efforts, the Port of Bremerton was recently awarded the Job Creator of the Year by the Washington Public Ports Association. This is possible because people make the difference. The commitment to our community is strong, and the Port commissioners and staff renew that commitment every day in a responsible and safe manner.

Commissioner Anderson
Port of Bremerton
Airport updates
At Bremerton National Airport, we've finished demolishing the old restaurant building and are moving forward with building the new multipurpose facility which includes a pilot's lounge, hangar, office space, and a redesigned restaurant. The space will be a great addition, and we're very excited about this project. We expect the building to be complete and the restaurant to be open by summer 2022.

Additionally, Bremerton National Airport is on a list of six initial airports in Washington state under consideration for some level of commercial service, whether air cargo, passenger, or both. SeaTac International Airport is at capacity, and they are looking at ways to expand service to continue to serve the public. The WA legislature has extended the decision timetable due to COVID and the resultant delays in public outreach/participation in the process. The list of six will now be narrowed to two in October 2022 and one in February 2023. WSDOT Aviation is embarking on a new statewide Aviation System Plan study, whose data will directly feed the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission's (CACC) deliberations over the next 18 months. A survey of CACC members graded Bremerton very high in air cargo potential.
Marina updates
The Marina Square project in Bremerton recently resumed construction. When finished, the Bremerton Marina will have 75 parking spaces for marina tenants located within the project's parking garage.

Construction is estimated to take between 16 and 18 months, with an expected opening date in spring 2022.

The Port Orchard Marina's breakwater is also going to be replaced within the next 2-3 years. Read more about the breakwater grant award here.
Meet our newest tenant: Pacific Northwest Aeronautics
A warm welcome to our newest tenant, Pacific Northwest Aeronautics! Located in the Avian building, in Suite #212, they offer training for your private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial pilot license, ground school, as well as discovery flights and ferry services.

If you're one of the Port's company/business/organization tenants and are interested in being featured on our social media, please reach out to Spenser Czuleger at [email protected].
Circuit of the Northwest
Port tenant, Circuit of the Northwest brings a world-class racing experience to the PNW that will rival some of the world's most legendary road courses. The track delivers the latest in motorsports technology to enhance the racing experience and improve skills and techniques. The Tilke-designed road course features elevations that rise 80-feet from the lowest point in turn two, to the last quarter of the front straightaway – making it the longest in North America.

The complex boasts many features available to members and the community at large. The facility is a destination for entertainment, sports, and community involvement. The benefits to the area are many, and as a member, access and preference to those benefits and more make this a place not only to visit but enjoy daily. Some of the member choices will include access not only to the race course but also to dining, entertainment, social activities, and community events.

For more information about membership, click contact their team through the link below.
Become a Member now to:
  • Hang out with like-minded automotive enthusiasts
  • Get priority access to garages and autominiums, only available for members
  • Stay overnight during some events
  • Socialize and entertain family and guests in a club-like atmosphere,
  • Attend local community events and workshops
  • Get assistance in maintaining and enhancing the performance of member vehicles
  • Enjoy priority access to the groundbreaking in 2021

Founding Memberships are being offered for the Circuit of the Northwest for a limited time that allows Founders even more access and privileges.
We're hiring!
Work with fantastic people and get great benefits by working for the Port. We have positions open for Marina Office Assistants and Port Attendants.
Port news you may have missed