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Hi . Fall is here in a lot of ways! Trees are starting to turn – and you have to admit, they are pretty! Though not a fan of winter, I do love the fall! The changing of the seasons is always time to reflect on how fast things are changing. The old adage the older you get the faster time flies – true, but in general everything is just well, faster! The quote that I am sharing this month really made an impact on me personally. Hope it makes you think too!!    
Again, we will be mailing out a Year End package to everyone within the next month so be on the lookout. Some changes for taxes, some new rules, and some updates from our office as well. We will be introducing our 2 newest team members mid-month as well with a special email – one for the accounting team and one for the tax team! 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!
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What burning tax questions do you have (yes, that is a thing!)? Go ahead, ASK LAURA ! Use the button provided to email your question and we will get back to you! We will share one question each month going forward, as well as the answer!

October 14th - Columbus Day
October 15th - Tax extension deadline
October 31st - Happy Halloween!

" If you look at the people in your circle and you don’t get inspired, then you don’t have a circle. You have a cage." Nipsey Hussle
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