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 Jan. 31, 2017
Summit to be held at Keller Williams Coastal Properties

Mark Your Calendars and attend our Power Partners USA Real Estate Summit on Feb 22nd.  

"Real Estate, Property Management, Real Estate Taxes, and Finances in a Trump Administration"

February 22, 2017  -  3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Click Here for Details and Registration on our first industry summit for 2017.

Power Partners USA members attend for FREE. Use PROMO CODE "PPUSA222100" when registering. This registration includes the Linked !n Long Beach business mixer at Comerica Bank immediately following the summit.   ( details)    RSVP today!


Alan and Debra Armijo
Power Partners USA 
Welcome New Power Partner USA Members
Centro C.H.A. exists with the mission to enrich the lives of low-income, underserved Latino/a youth, families and neighborhoods in the City of Long Beach through community advocacy, health and educational programs, social and economic enrichment, cultural arts, community service, and after-school youth development programs. 

Sustainable Health Empowerment (S.H.E)
Sustainable Health Empowerment (SHE) is a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to continuous, year-round service by working hand-in-hand with community leaders and providing fundamental health education and health services for underserved communities locally and globally. 
We are in the process of printing our updated brochure 

 How to Quickly Contact Fellow Power Partners 
Since our policy is not to have formal, scheduled meetings, the below methods introduce you to and help you quickly reach out to fellow Power Partner USA members. 

1. Use the NEW Power Partner USA Brochure Directory to quickly find members.  Click Here 

2. Use the  Journal Tracker to list and follow up on leads, referrals and introductions you give and receive. 

3 Use the Search box in the header of  www.powerpartners.us to find members by name or keyword.  

4.  Call or write to Alan at 562-843-7801 or info@powerpartner.us if you need help with an introduction. 

5.  Go back and review past videos you may have already seen. It is easy to forget what each Power Partner USA member offers or specializes in. You will be surprised and re-learn information that can help you or a client find a great business resource.  

6. NEW Our Website Lists Members by Category and notes their preferred Power Partners. This page will link you directly to their account page.   Click Here
  Directory Brochure and Journal Tracker  
Advertise On Our Next Printing - It's Never Too Late 

Look for your new brochures in the mail. 
It is never too late to place an ad in our brochures.  We print brochures when we ad new members or have new ad requests.  

1.  1/16th page ad - $25 - Includes logo and phone or website  Buy Now
2.  1/8th page ad - $50 - Includes logo, tag line, phone or website Buy Now
3.  1/4 page ad -  $75 - Business card size or *custom design  Buy Now
4.  Print Sponsor - $95 - includes 1/4 page ad and 25 brochures Buy Now

*custom design costs to be quoted if necessary


Referral Template - In Mad Libs Format

Making it easy for you to refer your fellow Power Partners. 

Use the below templates to help you compose simple Power Partner member referrals. Let the introductory video make the explanation for the power partner being referred. 

Send your video to prospects who you have yet to meet in person. It will give them insight into your busines. 

Dear ___________
I writing to introduce you to  ( Power Partner Name)      
 from __ ( Company)__.    I  feel  _ (Power Partner's First Name).  
would be an excellent contact for developing repeat business or business collaboration.   

Also, I am sure __ (Power Partner's First Name) _ would be interested in learning more about your business and services.  

Click Here or go to (insert short intro video link from brochure of journal tracker) for (Power Partner's First Name)'s introductory, interactive video and contact information.   The short video provides insight into (Power Partner's First Name) and  _ (his / her) business.  

Use the below template to help you give Power Partner member referrals. 

I wanted to take a minute and introduce you to  ( Power Partner Name)_ .   _( Power Partner's First Name) _   is interested in meeting professionals in your industry. I  feel you may be able to refer each other regular, repeat business.

Click Here or go to (insert short link from brochure of journal tracker) for Power Partner's First Name's short  introductory, interactive video and contact information. 

If Power Partner's First Name's   video resonates with you, please feel free to reach out directly or let me know if you would mind taking an introductory call from  Power Partner's First Name .

Utilize Power Partner Resources
Help is on the Way! 
Do You Have a Resource Request?   Under the PARTNERS button at www.powerpartners.us is a new Resource Request form. 

Do you need a business resource, have a technical question or needs some direction? You can also put in a request for us to recruit a particular type of B2B professional. Submit the Resource Request form and we will distribute to our Power Partner USA members.

Prospecting New Power Partners
Suggested B2B professional to Recruit
We are looking to recruit the following B2B professionals to our network.  
  • Mortgage Broker  
  • CPA / Bookkeeper
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Property Managers
  • Property Management Companies 
  • Payroll Professional
  • Solar Energy Professional  

    Write to Alan at info@powerpartners.us if you have any referrals.  We will follow up with them right away.  
  • We do not have a limitation on the number of professionals per category  
  • The more options we have - the better  
Power Partner USA Video Ads Available 
Power Partners USA Helps Your Promote Your Business on Social Media 

We are expanding the reach of our members to outside our network. Power Partners placed three Facebook video ads for three members. Richard W. Greenbaum, PC Bradfield Design | Graphic Design for Marketing and Tech International

Please click on the ad below and Share to your Facebook followers. Help increase our overall social media reach.  

See how many people were reached in one week on Facebook. 

Contact Alan at info@powerpartners.us if you would like us to promote your video. More ad opportunities are on the drawing board. 

Cause Marketing Promotional Video 
Power Tie Training
Power Partner USA member Dan Lundmark shot and edited our promotional video for our Power Tie Give Away. Click Here to See Video

The video has allowed us to easily communicate our objective of giving away neckties to young men ages 14-18.  

One thing leads to another. We are currently speaking with new Power Partner Dr. Teri Tan about providing us with our own new neckties. We may be able to purchase and have our own ties made by people in her Sustainable Health Empowerment organization. More details to follow. 

Contact Alan Armijo at info@powerpartners.us  if you have ties to donate or have a location where we can place a donation box.  

Sponsors Opportunities:  We have sponsorship opportunities available if you would like to associate your company with a tie give away or have offers to include with the giveaways. Click Here for details on sponsorship opportunities.  


Sponsor Insert Card - Front 
Sponsor Insert Card - Back - 
Your company information and / or offer detailed on the back. 
New necktie recipient
Write to info@powerpartners.us if you have a location to take necktie donations.  
"Power Newsletter" from Power Partners USA 
Running Newsletter Archive 
Look for this "Power Newsletter" as a way to keep current on Power Partner USA events, activities, and 
information.  This running newsletter is intended for members of our network only. 

Scroll down the page to see information from newest to oldest.  We will eventually remove any information that is no longer current.  

We remind you to keep reaching out to members of the Power Partner USA network. Collaborate, refer or introduce in order to help each other "Hit Home Runs" by making the smart B2B connections.  

Follow Up Friday 
After giving and receiving referrals and noting them in your Journal Tracker, make sure to Follow Up.  

We will send you updated Journal Tracker pages by mail.  

Friday is a good day to look at the tabs in your Journal Tracker to call on people who were referred to you. Or, check up on how it went with a referral you gave.  Let us know success stories and case studies for our blog.  

#FollowUpFriday  -  

Introductions, Leads, Referrals & Collaboration 
We are a Network; 
Not a Networking Group

Have you identified fellow Power Partners who can provide you repeat referral business?  Reach out to them or contact Alan for assistance - info@powerpartners.us 
Every Wednesday  -  No Drive Time  

 #referralwednesday  Pass on leads
 to other B2B professionals. 
 Send us any referrals you want posted
 on #referralwednesday.
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