How Will We Fare With President Trump?
T he most hotly contested, divisive  and  contentious presidential election in the nation's history is now over. The winner is Donald Trump and, like it or not, he will be the next president of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. 

Because of his insults thrown at significant sectors of society:  Latinos, African Americans, war heroes, women and Muslims,  the pundits had dismissed him. He has disappointed them. His love/hate relationship with a gullible  media machinery has  helped propel him to victory.

Now that he has won, President-Elect Donald Trump has graciously appealed for healing and unity, promising to be a president for all Americans. While half of the population is excited about a Trump victory, the other half is anxious, fearful and deeply concerned about the future of America with him at the helm.

Before the election, A
ngelo M. Codevilla,  professor emeritus of International Relations at Boston University, poignantly declared, " The 2016 election is sealing the United States's transition from that republic to some kind of empire.  Electing either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump cannot change that trajectory". If Professor Codevilla's conclusion is accurate, then the nation, and by extension the world,  is in for some uncomfortable and painful surprises.

But, with such deep divisions, distrust and  woeful predictions, is there any hope for America? The good news is that there is. Despite the current state of affairs, the Omnipotent God, who has permitted Donald Trump to become the next president (Daniel 4:17), has promised, yea assured us, that there is a better day coming. In fact, He calls it the Blessed Hope.
The Ultimate Winner
The election of  Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States will not solve the myriad of problems facing the nation and the world. Quite the contrary, his election would more likely create greater problems and make multitudes more angry. Donald Trump, like those before him, will surprise many of those whom he has promised to solve their problems. 

Gracy Olmstead, a com mentator with the Federalist Media, makes this rather interesting observation, "Voices of fear  have eclipsed this election. No candidate, be they orange-haired, pant-suited, or spectacled, has been able to avoid the language of fear. This is how politicians succeed: they pinpoint the most visceral anxieties of the populace, and capitalize on  them. They cater their platforms to the apprehensions of the people".

Considering the predictable, well established phenomenon of politicians making promises in order to be elected; then breaking them once they are elected, the question to be answered is: 'is there anyone we can trust?  We know that the politicians, including Donald Trump, will disappoint many. But, there is indeed one we can trust, one who has always kept His promise to us. He is the ruler of the next world superpower.