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Introducing Prix-Fixe Services

This month, I'm rolling out some new services at  Verbaccino, my international marketing consultancy. For first-time clients, these particular services can be an ideal way to start working with me, as each one involves:

    1. a pre-determined scope of work;
    2. a fixed price;
    3. a money-back guarantee, in case you're not satisfied.

While my exact list of 'prix-fixe' services is still a work in progress, here's current the menu:

  • Naming Service - Need a catchy brand name that travels well?
  • Brand Audit - Does your branding work well in global markets?
  • Website Audit - Do global visitors feel welcome on your site?
  • Content Audit - How global-ready is your marketing content?
  • Country Report - Need country-specific marketing intelligence?
For more details about each of these services, including pricing, please visit the  Services page on the  Verbaccino website.

But that's not all!

As a very special THANK YOU! for subscribing to this newsletter, I'd like to offer you a  50% discount off the regular price of a prix-fixe service of your choice. In exchange, I'm looking for your honest feedback to help me tweak and refine that service, so that I can work towards the best possible value proposition.

You can take advantage of this very special, time-limited offer   by contacting me directly .

And of course, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.  I'd love to hear from you!


Kathrin Bussmann
Founder & Principal Consultant at Verbaccino
Producer & Host of The Worldly Marketer Podcast

International & Global Marketing News

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for July 2019


Here are some of the important dates coming up this month:

July 1: Canada Day FĂȘte du Canada

July 4:  Independence Day  in the  U.S.A.

July 6:  Statehood Day   in Lithuania
July 7: Saba Saba Day  in Tanzania

July 9: Independence Day  in  Argentina

July 11: Naadam Festival begins i n Mongolia

July 14: 14 Juillet (a.k.a. Bastille Day) i France

July 15: Marine Day  in Japan

July 16: Asalha Puja (a.k.a. Dharma Day) in  Buddhism

July 17: Begining of Vassa (a.k.a. Buddhist Lent ) in Buddhism

July 18: Nelson Mandela International Day (UN)

July 20: Declaration of Independence  of Colombia

July 21: National Day of  Belgium

July 25: Republic Day  in Tunisia

July 26: Day of the National Rebellion  in Cuba

July 28: King's Birthday  in Thailand

July 28-29: Fiestas Patrias  in Peru

July 30: Throne Day  in Morocco

These are just some of the international holidays & observances coming up in July.  For the complete calendar, click here.

You can  download this calendar as a PDF document by clicking on the link, above,  and selecting "Save Page As".

Get  more details about any holiday or observance on the calendar  by clicking on the specific entry.

Did I miss any important dates?
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