June 2020

This month we bring you a variety of topics given the breadth of priorities we're all dealing with in this crazy new normal.

Minimum viable products, your next job interview, analyzing markets, quantifying the value of your portfolio, creating stickier products and more. We've covered them all!

Enjoy our June issue and see how "learning at the point of need" can accelerate the growth of your company and your career.

High Octane Product Management Blog
  • "PRODUCT" Market Analysis vs. "SOLUTIONS" Market Analysis: 3 Key Differences That Impact Products and Positioning
  • 3 Obstacles to Creating Stickier Products and How to Overcome Them 
The Product Management Playbook
  • 3 Questions To Ask In Your Next Product Management/Marketing Job Interview
  • How To Define an Outcome-Based Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 7 Steps
In the Trenches FAQs
  • Determining the Value of Your Product Portfolio with YOU Statements

Learning at the Point of Need
  • The Easiest Way to Acquire New Skills and Get Immediate Results
High Octane Product Management Blog
PRODUCT Market Analysis vs. SOLUTIONS Market Analysis: 3 Key Differences

In B2B, analyzing markets for products versus analyzing markets for solutions comes down to how you want the market to view you, and if you're aiming for outcomes that are more strategic or tactical.

3 Obstacles to Creating Stickier Products and How to  Overcome Them

Creating stickier products is more than just creating products people love to use. In B2B, they ultimately have to make people more successful at their job in ways that have value to the organization.

Product Management Playbook

In the Trenches FAQs

Are there any simple ways to determine the value of our products in a way that can be measured? 
Learning at the Point of Need
Acquire New Skills, See Immediate Results!

You've acquired another company and your executives ask for a comprehensive portfolio analysis to determine the most lucrative markets for the combined companies. 

Perhaps your pipeline is thinner than normal and there's an executive push to up-level your positioning so that you're engaging more decision-makers.

Both scenarios raise a lot of questions. What does a portfolio analysis look like? What type of content is most relevant to decision-makers? Where do we start? What information do we need? What are the deliverables? 

There's always an urgency to these types of initiatives, and they don't leave you a lot of time to create a structured approach before you're off and running.

It's these situations where  "learning at the point of need" becomes invaluable.

You learn new skills by putting them into practice at the exact time you need them. The framework, best practices, examples and artifacts are all there. Just fill in the blanks with relevant content. It's a simple way to acquire new skills as part of your everyday job and see immediate results.

Make learning part of your everyday work! You can't afford to be grounded in a training class for days while the work piles up, only to start from scratch when you come out!

Product Management University On-Demand is your platform for "learning at the point of need." 13 bite-size lessons that take you from market analysis through launch, complete with B2B examples, hands-on exercises and templates. Available wherever and whenever you need them! Certification included.

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