Personal Productivity Can Launch Your Career
"The secret to getting ahead is getting started."- Mark Twain
What do you do when you aren't quite sure how to remain productive throughout your job search? Searching for jobs can be daunting, so we often put it off until we find ourselves in either a rush or dire need. However, if you put in the right pre-work, and remain consistent throughout your search, you can eliminate some of that headache. No matter why you find yourself seeking employment there are a few things that should be addressed prior to sitting down and applying.

Ask yourself, "What is my end goal?". Whatever your reason for beginning this search, you must have a game plan, a purposeful job search. At any time you can search for an array of jobs, but not all of these jobs are the right fit for you. Ask yourself, "What do I have to have to accept a position, what would be a nice extra, do I meet the requirements of this role?".

When in doubt, ask for help. Our team of employment specialists is here to help you through the good, bad, and even ugly moments.
Common Job Search Mistakes
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job search mistakes,
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Do you ever wonder, “what am I doing wrong?”, “why can’t I find a good job?”, or “can I do something better?” Beginning a job search can be stressful, and even scary at times, but chances are being stressed out or scared isn’t going to pay your bills. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid during your job search to help you alleviate the stress and land your next job.

  1. Lack of Prep Work
  2. Lack of Confidence
  3. Oversharing/Under-sharing
  4. Not Utilizing your Network
  5. Improper Use of Qualifications
  6. Expecting a Role to Simply Fall into your Lap

Congratulations, Deborah!
Air Force spouse, Deborah, worked one-on-one with her employment specialist for just 1 month before landing her career. Deborah found that, while her knowledge, skills, and abilities fit the roles she was applying for, her interview skills were holding her back from getting an offer. Her employment specialist scheduled a mock interview and provided her with feedback and tips on how to better respond to interview questions while still remaining confident.

"My employment specialist was very knowledgeable and asked very appropriate questions in the mock interview. She was honest with the feedback, which I greatly appreciated. The feedback and mentoring she provided was so helpful that it resulted in a job offer just 8 days later ."

Networking to Gain Exposure
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T ake a deep breath. This may seem like a stressful situation, but it doesn’t have to be entirely that way. It, dare I say this, can be fun!

Listen, networking can open the doors to so many different avenues. Avenues you weren’t even looking for, but could be the opportunity you not only needed but also wanted. Be open to new people and new paths. Here are five tips that can help you network to gain exposure before a career change.

We Get it, Life can be Chaotic...
With over 59,000 successes under our belt, we know a little about what it takes to get you through your transition, career change, and even promotion. 

The VetJobs and MilitarySpouseJobs team utilizes a proven process with each candidate who walks through our virtual doors. We look at each candidate as an individual, as a person with their own strengths and weaknesses; each candidate is met where they are in a compassionate and productive virtual space. This, in part, is why we are successful.

Don’t wait to get started on the next stage of your life.

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