Finally, humanists are part of the national conversation about what it means to be a chaplain!

Recently, "Interfaith Voices," the nation's leading religion news magazine on public radio, won a grant to create a radio series on the evolution of chaplains and chaplaincy in America. We were intrigued when they called us to ask if Greg Epstein would be one of their 7 featured chaplains, and the result is one of our favorite depictions of our work in the national media-- maybe even the best yet!

This 14-minute segment, airing on dozens of NPR stations across the US over the past week, is a must-listen: award-winning producer Ruth Morris followed Greg and the rest of the community around for three days last month. She captures the humor (yes, Gandhi and the Hulk do make a good combo), the ideas, and the passion behind our work providing community and support for atheists, agnostics, and allies. So many great moments -- tearful moments, silly and inspiring moments -- had to be left on the "cutting room floor," but the experience was a really wonderful one for us. Please check it out and share online!

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P.P.S. The Interfaith Voices episode continues with a discussion between two more amazing humanist chaplains, Bart Campolo and Jason Callahan. Bart even talks about how the Humanist Hub was the inspiration for his work! Check them out here after the segment on us.