July 9, 2022
The "humble" pumpkin seed shines!
While most people only think of pumpkins on Thanksgiving or Halloween, the seeds of this fruit offer an impressive cocktail of health enhancing and disease fighting compounds, vitamins, and minerals that can be consumed year-round. In addition, they are packed with tryptophan and essential fatty acids.1 Emerging evidence indicates that pumpkin seeds represent a potent functional food in the battle against heart disease, osteoporosis, bladder dysfunction, anxiety, and arthritis.
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Here is a nice overview of the many health benefits of pumpkin seeds.
Female Bladder
Pumpkin seeds were traditionally used by Native American tribes to “facilitate passage of urine.” A European herbal encyclopedia first mentioned the use of pumpkins seeds to treat urinary problems in the year 1578.

The German health regulators approve pumpkin seed as a treatment for irritable bladder.
Pumpkin seed oil has been included in products used to alleviate urinary difficulties.
BREAKTHROUGH... Water-soluble pumpkin seed extract for urinary incontinence...
While some effects have been shown when using the fat-soluble (oil) fraction of the pumpkin seed, it is the water-soluble portion that demonstrated impressive symptomatic effects in recent studies.

Japanese scientists have patented a method to obtain the water-soluble constituents of the pumpkin seed, which are absorbed far more efficiently into the bloodstream.
Swollen Prostate Gland
Pumpkin Seeds in Your Food
Eggplant Salve & Extract
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