In September of 2020, Henry was found abandoned tied to a pole and brought to Homeward Bound. He is about 3 years old and weighs about 45 pounds. Henry is a big boy! Over the months, Henry has adjusted to shelter life. He is very friendly and sweet with people. He even knows some commands like "sit" and he almost has "down" mastered. Henry has the distinction of being the longest Homeward Bound resident at 9 months.

Sadly, Henry needs a very expensive eye surgery as he is almost completely blind. Homeward Bound wants to give Henry the best chance of finding his forever home and to do that his vision needs correction. The surgery is $4,000 and needs to be done by a specialist.

After his surgery he will be ready for adoption into a loving home.

To care for dogs like Henry, who need life-saving and comfort care, Homeward Bound counts on the generosity of our loyal donors like you. Please consider a gift today.