Newsletter                                                                             May 2018
Message From the Division President

Dear QCRE Division Members,
    I would like to thank you for your continuous support of the IISE QCRE Division. With your help and tireless efforts of the QCRE officers, we successfully achieved our major goals for the term 2017-2018, and launched multiple initiatives to improve our members experience. The QCRE Facebook page was launched, three webinars in diverse and emerging areas were held, a new student poster competition is organized, and our division has organized 85 talks in 26 sessions in the upcoming IISE Annual Conference. Furthermore, the QCRE Technical Health Report shows more than 10% improvement in the division's performance indicator. We will present a comprehensive report on QCRE Division activities and accomplishments in our Town Hall meeting that will be held on Monday May 21 at IISE Annual Conference in Orlando.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Kamran Paynabar, Ph.D.,
IIE QCRE Division President
Division Election Results

Based on the recent election results , QCRE division welcomes the following three new officers:
President-elect: Trevor Craney ( )
Trevor Craney is an Associate Director of Statistics at UTC Aerospace Systems.   He holds Masters degrees in each of: Statistics, Industrial & Systems Engineering, and Reliability Engineering. He is a Fellow of ASQ, and has served in numerous roles including Chair of the Reliability and Risk division. Trevor also serves on the Board of Directors for the annual RAMS conference.
Board director: Linkan Bian ( )
Linkan Bian is an assistant professor in ISE Department of Mississippi State. He received his Ph.D. of ISyE from Georgia Institute of Technology. Linkan's research interests focus on the modeling and optimization of smart manufacturing systems. His work has been funded by NSF, DoD, DoE, and industrial companies.
Board director: Chitta Ranjan ( )
Chitta Ranjan has a Ph.D. in Statistics from H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. Chitta earned his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India. He is currently working as the Director of Data Science at ProcessMiner. He is an active AI researcher-his research papers have won best paper awards at INFORMS, ISERC, and POMS.
We would also like to thank the leaving members, Jian Liu, Steven Li, and Lukasz Mazur, for their past service to the division.

Division Webinars

   In the past year, the division held the following three webinars which received wide participation among our members. Registered participants can review the archived webinar at their convenience. 
Webinar Title: Evolution of Deep Learning: New Methods and Applications
Date and Time:   February 15, 2018, 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: Chitta Ranjan, Ph.D., research data scientist, Pandora Media
Webinar Title:Accelerated Life Testing: Design of Test Plans and Reliability Prediction
Date and Time: March 6, 2018; 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: E.A. Elsayed, Ph.D., professor, Rutgers University
Webinar Title:Big Data and Reliability Applications: The Complexity Dimension
Date and Time: April 19, 2018, 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: Yili Hong, Ph.D., associate professor, Virginia Tech

Member Promotions, News and Updates
  • Dr. Yisha Xiang from Lamar University, and Qianmei Feng from University of Houston, have received NSF grants for collaborative research ($279,025 to LU, $348,077 to UH). Their research proposal "Maintenance Planning for Complex Systems in Dynamic Environments" explores equipment failures in capital-intensive industries (i.e. oil and gas) that have significant environmental and economic impact.
  • Dr. Linkan Bian from Mississippi State University received the promotion to Associate Professor. A paper of his student Mojtaba Khanzadeh, "Establishing the Process-Structure Relationship Using Tensor Decomposition of Thermal Images", has been selected to receive the 2018 IISE Manufacturing and Design Best Student Paper Award.
  • Dr. Xiaowei Yue will join the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech as an Assistant Professor from August 2018. His PhD dissertation "Engineering-driven data analytics for in situ monitoring of nanomanufacturing" is supervised by Prof. Jianjun Shi at Georgia Tech.
  • The paper entitled "Generalized Wavelet Shrinkage of Inline Raman Spectroscopy for Quality Monitoring of Continuous Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper", by Xiaowei Yue, Kan Wang, Hao Yan, Jin Gyu Park, Zhiyong Liang, Chuck Zhang, Ben Wang and Jianjun Shi received the 2018 IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering Best Paper Award (with $1000 cash honorarium) from the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society.
  • A new online course from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fundamentals of Industrial Data Analytics, is offered by Dr. Kaibo Liu to students who are working engineers. Through this class, students can catch up on important data analytics skills, which may not have been offered as part of their original training. For more details, see
QCRE Track Highlights at 2018 IISE Annual Conference & E xpo
Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, Florida, May 19-22, 2018
    It has been a very successful year of the QCRE track and as track chairs we thank everyone for the contributions to make this year's conference a great success. Here we like to share with you the session information of the QCRE track at the 2018 IISE annual conference and Expo.
    Overall, the QCRE track has a total of 89 presentations to be hosted in 26 sessions, with 10 sessions on Sunday (May 20th), 7 sessions on Monday (May 21st), and 9 sessions scheduled on Tuesday (May 22nd). Here are some of the highlights of this year's QCRE sessions and presentations:
  • There are five invited sessions, with the special topics covering a variety of new emergent studies such as data science for quality and reliability, big data for reliability, system resilience;
  • The QCRE track and the Energy Systems (ES) track are hosting three joint sessions on Reliability of Battery Systems (two sessions are hosted in QCRE and one in ES) ;
  • The Best Student Paper Competition session (QCR-M2) is schedule on Monday morning (May 21st ) from 8am to 9:20am in room Timor Sea 2;
  • The Student Poster Competition is scheduled on Monday (May 21st) from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Exhibit Hall, and this year QCRE has a total of 19 posters participating the competition;
  • This year's QCRE Best Track Paper Award goes to Ziyi Wang and E.A. Elsayed from Rutgers University, and the title of the their paper is "A Stochastic Degradation Model for Ink Fading of Printed Images." The presentation of this paper is scheduled in session QCR-S8 on Sunday (May 20th) from 3:30pm to 4:50pm.
  • The session for QCRE student interaction activities (QCR-S10) has been scheduled on Sunday (May 20th) starting from 5:00pm in room Timor Sea 2.
The QCRE Townhall meeting (QCR-M7) is scheduled on Monday (May 21st) starting at 5:00pm in Room Timor Sea 
 2018 IISE Annual Conference -  QCRE Track Sessions Overview


  May 21
Timor Sea
Timor Sea
Timor Sea
Timor Sea

08:00 am
09:20 am
11:00 am
12:20 pm
2:00 pm
03:20 PM
03:30 pm
04:50 pm
05:00 pm
06:20 PM


 2018 IISE Annual Conference - QCRE Sessions

QCR-S1: Quality and Reliability Applications - I
Student Poster Competition  (Monday 11am - 1pm, Exhibit Hall)
QCR-S2: Reliability Analysis - I 
QCR-M5: QCR- ES Joint Session on Reliability of Battery Systems- III
QCR-S3: Data Science for Quality and Reliability 
QCR-M6: Reliability Analysis and Design Optimization
QCR-S4: Maintenance and Logistics - I 
QCR-M7: Quality Control & Reliability Division Town Hall 
QCR-S5: Big Data for Reliability - I  
QCR-T1: Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis 
QCR-S6: QCR- ES Joint Session on Reliability of Battery Systems-I  
QCR-T2: Reliability Growth 
QCR-S7: Resilience Analysis of Complex Systems 
QCR-T3: Quality and Reliability Applications - III 
QCR-S8: Reliability Analysis - II 
QCR-T4: Process Monitoring and Control - I 
QCR-S9: Continuous Quality Improvements
QCR-T5: Quality and Reliability Applications - IV 
QCR-S10: QCRE Student Interaction Activities  
QCR-T6: Process Monitoring and Control - II 
QCR-M1: Quality and Reliability Applications - II 
QCR-T7: Process Monitoring and Control - IV
QCR-M2: QCRE Division Student Best Paper Competition 
QCR-T8: Quality and Reliability Applications - V 
QCR-M3: Big Data for Reliability - II
QCR-T9: Process Monitoring and Control - II

QCR-M4: Maintenance and Logistics - II 
QCRE Best Student Paper Competition at 2018 IISE Annual Conference & Expo
- Monday, May 21 st, 8 am to 9:20 am, room Timor Sea 2
   This year's QCRE best student paper submissions were 27 manuscripts compared with 21 of last year. The topics of the papers include quality and process monitoring, reliability and prognostics, data analytics, engineering design, etc. Papers were blindly reviewed by independent reviewers and four finalists were selected. The finalists will present their work in the QCRE Best Student Paper session. The winner will be announced at the QCRE town hall meeting. The finalists are (in alphabetical order):
Mostafa Reisi Gahrooei , "An Adaptive Approach for Fusion of High-Accuracy with Low-Accuracy Data"              
Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology              
Co-Advisors: Dr. Kamran Paynabar, Dr. Jianjun (Jan) Shi
Co-authors: Kamran Paynabar, Massimo Pacella, and Bianca M. Colosimoa
Chenang Liu , "A bilateral time series modeling approach for online quality prediction in additive manufacturing"                
Institution: Virginia Tech
Advisor: Dr. Zhenyu (James) Kong
Co-author: Zhenyu (James) Kong
Cesar Ruiz , "Bayesian Degradation Modeling for Spare Parts Inventory Management"              
Institution: University of Arkansas              
Advisor: Drs. Edward Pohl and Haitao Liao        
Co-authors: Edward Pohl and Haitao Liao        
Wenbo Sun , "Robust Design Using An Inexact Simulation Model With Physical Experiment Data"
Institution: University of Michigan              
Advisor: Dr. Jionghua (Judy) Jin              
Co-authors: Judy Jin and Matthew Plumlee
Student Interaction Session at 2018 IISE Annual Conference & Expo
   - Sunday , May 20, 5:00 p.m. to 6:20 p.m., Timor Sea 2

This session offers students whose research are closely related to QCRE's area of interests an opportunity to get familiar with QCRE objectives and main activities and opportunities for students to get actively involved in QCRE. Students will also have opportunity to ask questions and give any feedback regarding QCRE research and education activities. Don't miss this opportunity to socialize with colleagues, industry members, company representatives, and QCRE members. 
   The agenda of the session is as follows:
- Students Introduction
- Overview of QCRE opportunities for students & student related activities
- Job Market Preparation - Academic vs. Industry