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Welcome to the launch of our first
Street Talk e-newsletter!

The Street Department is committed to serving the community of Garland by providing information on current, future and ongoing projects. With the increase in street repair and replacement activities, residents will now have access to
weekly online updates , in addition to this monthly e-newsletter.

You can view the latest schedule for street projects at . Also check for updates in the Garland City Press , NextDoor and other social media outlets.

Steve Oliver
Q: What is a pothole?

On the surface of the pavement, cracks appear due to the expansion and contraction caused by unpredictable Texas weather.

When it rains, water penetrates the surface and weakens the ground underneath. Vehicles drive over those spots and the weight of the cars eventually causes the surface to break.

Q: How do I report a pothole?

Several reporting methods are available. The most effective way is through Garland eAssist , which is available online or through a downloadable mobile app. You are able to upload photos of the pothole or complaint, receive updates and track the progress of the repair. You may also call us directly at
972-205-3555 or email us at

Q: How quickly does the Garland Street Department repair the pothole?

Weather permitting, you can expect the pothole to be repaired within 7 days of the report.

A pothole is about 3 feet by 3 feet or smaller. Pavement failures larger than that require more complex and expensive processes to repair. So reporting potholes while they are smaller saves time and money.
Street Reconstruction

Arapaho Road
Level Lifting

Centerville Road
Street Rehabilitation

Crystal Creek
Asphalt Overlay

Alley Reconstruction

Asphalt Overlay

High Hollow
Street Reconstruction
Asphalt Overlay

Street Reconstruction

Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt Overlay

Street Reconstruction

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