This coming Sunday, we will gather for our annual parish meeting  after the 10:00 worship service.  Fr. Kevin sent out potluck assignments, so, hopefully, you will do what he told you to! :-)  In the meeting, we will review the work of the church over the past year and look at our goals for 2018. 

If you are a member of St. Augustine's please make this a priority. If you are interested in the life of the church, join us, as well!

And, thanks to all who have volunteered to cook, chop, and serve at Faith Mission this coming Saturday. You are changed by God to make a difference for God.

Epiphanytide and Annual Candlemas Liturgy

Along with our parish meeting Sunday, we will observe the end of the Epiphany season (Epiphanytide) by celebrating our annual Candlemas liturgy, complete with lighting of candles and sending out our folks to witness to Christ's light to the world. 
Bishop Ron and Patty Visit St. Augustine's on Sunday, the 21st.

Sunday, January 21st, St. Augustine's opened its arms and doors to Bishop Ron Jackson of the Diocese of the Great Lakes, and his wife, Patty.   Bishop Ron's sermon reflected on the readings of the day's liturgy, and he tied them together with his journey in the Anglican Church and how his deep faith has had an impact on many.  His wife, Patty, joined him and warmly greeting many before the service.

After the service, Bishop Ron and Patty met individually with those who attended the social get-together in Kirk Hall and individually gave his blessing to families.  This was the bishop's first official visit to St. Auggie's.

--Kathy Darling, Parishioner

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Everyone but Carl at the Whitney House Tuesday.
Where's Carl?? 

Carl tricked the geezers in to coming to his get-together Tuesday night, and then he didn't show up (something about having no heat in his apartment and being sandwiched in by the gas company's backhoe??). 

We love Carl! 

Stay tuned for the next Come Together event. We really enjoyed the time together with St. Auggie's own.

Upcoming Events

January Birthdays and Anniversaries

Jan. 1
Philarice Sang
Lisa Semei
Jan. 3
Juliter Chirchir
Jan. 6
Fr. Philip Sang
Benjamin Winkler
Jan. 9
Matt Hardin
Jan. 12
Ann Collins
Jan. 15
Daniel Sang
Jan. 25
Joe Lanning

Jan. 2
Tom and Sarah Hubbard
Jan 8.
Pat and Mike Ports
Jan. 25
Christopher and Lisa Semei

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