Canada Day, We Day, Governor General's Performing Arts Awards, Rideau Hall with the Royals - an action packed week in Ottawa. Talking with CTV's Lisa Laflamme, Chris Hadfield, Rick Hansen as the July 1st party on Parliament Hill was gearing up. (forgive the name-dropping - it was really thrilling) So many ask if I'd like to see a better Canada and it made me realize I really needed to see Canada better. Let's stay on that path!
Talking with CTV's Lisa Laflamme, Chris Hadfield and Rick Hansen.
Let's see Canada better!
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston Governor General of Canada. Photo credit Ming Wu.

Tom McKillip and I have been on the concert circuit this summer in Winnipeg (Lyric Theatre), Vancouver (Drum is Calling Festival), Revelstoke (opening for PM Justin Trudeau), and entertaining fire evacuees in Abbotsford. Music is a great healer especially for so many displaced people in BC.Thanks for continuing to donate to the Canadian Red Cross online at or text FIRES to 45678 to donate $10. 
Tom McKillip and I in Abbotsford.
On site of BC wildfires. Photo credit Chelsea Brooke Roisum.
Check out this video from my visit to Ashcroft, BC to see damage done by fire first hand.

Just finished an 8 day trek through the Badlands of Alberta and before my chronicles and select photos get posted to, I thought I'd share a couple of highlights.  
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I finally got to play with the Eagles! OK - at Alberta Birds of Prey Centre in Coaldale where injured birds are healed and returned to the wild.
Discovering the mysteries of Writing on Stone Provincial Park.

Thanks for reaching out to learn more about this year's Huron Carole Tour. We're hitting the road again with a new show called "Tom Jackson's Christmas 150". No, you won't hear 150 stories, or 150 songs, or be asked 150 reasons why you love Canada. But you will hear and see stories gathered from my wanderings across this country seeing a better Canada and how that ties in to Christmas celebrations nationwide. Tour schedule will be posted on by end of September.
"Love is in the world...
if you listen you can hear it...
if you reach for it, you can feel it."
Day 136 from "364 - Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times"

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