(Re)Introducing the Top Program Manager Awards
Competition is a driver of motivation, accountability, performance, and innovation. Bank Investment Consultant’s annual Top Program Manager rankings not only inspired friendly competition amongst financial institution peers across the country, but lifted our entire community up in the process. Leaders in both financial institutions and their product and service partners have lamented the demise of the annual awards. 

We’re pleased to announce that Kehrer Bielan will fill that void. This fall, we’ll publish the inaugural Kehrer Bielan list recognizing the most successful managers of investment services businesses in banks and credit unions.

We are in the process of creating a data-driven, transparent selection process which will culminate in announcement of the awards this fall.

Look for information about the nomination and selection process in the coming weeks.

Questions? Comments? contact Erika Kehrer (erika.kehrer@kehrerbielan.com).