March 3, 2017

Great things continue to happen at The Sagemont School. Outlined below are several new, exciting projects underway at both campuses.

New Website Coming Soon!
We are in the process of updating our school website and recently completed a two-day photo shoot highlighting our strengths. The homepage will be more welcoming, easier to navigate, and demonstrate the value of private education. Upcoming school facility improvements are scheduled to be completed this spring.

AdvancEd Re-Accreditation visit in May 2017
We have made great strides in completing our School Improvement Plan and are finalizing documentation for our upcoming AdvancEd re-accreditation visit in May. Part of this process included evaluation and revision of our current Mission Statement and Guiding Principles. Through collaboration with administration, teachers, parents, and students a new Mission Statement and Guiding Principles were developed that will support our future vision for The Sagemont School.

Our new Mission Statement is: The Sagemont School is dedicated to providing excellence in Academics, Athletics, and the Arts. This education is delivered in a safe, supportive, and culturally diverse learning environment that promotes self-discipline, independence, motivation, and lifelong learning.

The Guiding Principles of The Sagemont School are:
  • Our overall priority is for students to develop a strong academic foundation and apply what is learned as a critical thinker.
  • We are committed to differentiated instruction to personalize student learning.
  • We are dedicated to providing opportunities for students to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts.
  • We have clearly defined extracurricular and school-related activities, as well as community service opportunities.
  • We continually re-evaluate use and integration of technology in the classroom.
  • We are committed to providing a safe and motivational environment to further promote student's success in learning.
  • We believe by instilling responsibility and respect for oneself, each other, and the environment, students will develop into valuable members of the community.
  • We are a community of learners uniting students, parents, teachers, and staff.
  • We embrace cultural diversity.
Lower School Campus
At the lower school campus, the Innovation Lab continues to offer students opportunities to use critical thinking skills in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) areas. We look forward to the further development of programs, supplemental materials, and equipment.

Our Physical Education program has expanded its lessons to include a hands-on health and wellness component. Some of the lessons included healthy eating habits, Food Guide Pyramid, and tasty and fun ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into students' everyday diet. The students really enjoyed the hands-on approach of these lessons.

Upper School Campus
At the upper school campus, our middle school scientists did an outstanding job at the Broward County Regional Science Fair. Congratulations to Michael Salem, Manuel Nouel-Mato, and Valholly Frank who took 1st place advancing them to the state competition. 

We would also like to congratulate the Class of 2017 on their college acceptances thus far. Our seniors have been admitted to numerous highly-ranked colleges and universities around the country, including University of Florida, University of Miami, Florida State University, University of Southern California, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, University of San Diego, Indiana University Bloomington, Oberlin College, University of Maryland, and University of Texas, Austin.

In addition, several students were admitted to prestigious freshman honors programs, such as the Honors Program at the University of Maryland and also at Florida State University, which included the Presidential Scholars Award, the premier undergraduate merit scholarship at FSU. Additional admissions information will be available over the upcoming weeks as the decisions from other top tier colleges and universities are released.

Update On The New Head of School Search as of 3-3-17
We are thrilled to report that we have made meaningful progress and are moving to the next phase in the process.  68 potential candidates are currently being vetted for the position.The national and international search drew applicants from an exceptional pool of highly-qualified educators, administrators, and assistant heads. Guided by our consultants from Carney Sandoe & Associates, we are now in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of resumes, personal statements, and educational statements.  The next phase will include an intense interview for a group of 12 diverse and highly experienced applicants.  The goal is to narrow the list down to 3 - 4 candidates and invite them for an extensive visit with the Sagemont School Community.  Currently, our timeline for visits to campus will commence in early April.

We are truly thankful for each and every student, teacher and family member that makes up our Sagemont family. Stay tuned as we continue to share news on all the events occurring during our exciting winter season!


Charles Connor 
Interim Head of School
Monica Vigna
Principal, Lower School Campus

Gayle Iacono
Principal, Upper School Campus

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