February 27, 2019

Did you watch the Facebook Party Pro: Part 2 training on Monday night?

Lynn Bardowski walked us through a customized L'BRI Facebook Party...post by post!

And, there's more! I've been working with Lynn and our graphic design team to create all new Facebook Party images, event covers, invites, guides, and hostess coaching tools!

You'll find all the new tools in the Learning Center and can easily access the training right from the Consultant Forum...

As a recap all of the training links are listed below.

Here's what Consultants had to say about the training on Monday:

"Thank you so much...this has been awesome! I have a FB party on 3/12! Can't wait to get the new graphics!" - Deborah Nevitt

"Thank you so much! So excited!" - Stacie Poper

"This training helped my Facebook Party tonight as I was watching!" - Charity Tchida

"OH my gosh! SUPER LOVE THE BOOKING COUPONS!" - Jackie Curtis

SAVE THE DATE for Part 3 of the "L'BRI Facebook Party Pro" series:
Monday, March 11 @ 8:00 PM Central Time.

Learn how to follow up after the party and influence party guests to come back for more, and bring friends!

Keep booking more parties and expand your business beyond your backyard with Facebook Parties!


PS: If you missed Facebook Party Pro: Part 1, you can watch the replay HERE:



  • Free Guides for 3 Party Themes: This is a special gift you can give to guests for completing the Google Form. Deliver by uploading to the Files in your VIP Group (mark as an announcement so it stays at the top) or email to guests. Guides are also available as a JPG.

  1. Skincare Guide: https://cdn.lbrionline.net/…/4d963afb38d0500c4f549a203afc2…/
  2. Anti-Aging Guide: https://cdn.lbrionline.net/…/ba268c2d14bf38fa6099c08f48a6a…/
  3. Makeup Guide: https://cdn.lbrionline.net/…/bd8433ca87807cac1154420672f4f…/

  • Facebook Party Images: Access all the new images including party posts, event covers and invites for each type of party! Be sure to also you use your own images to build the know, like and trust factor and create a unique, authentic party. https://lbribiz.com/gallery/facebook-parties/

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Lin Ragle