Regarding Castleberry Show Rule # 8
 All outdoor booths require your own flame retardant,
wind and rain resistant tent or canopy.
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All booth Tents and Canopies MUST be FIRE RATED 

 "flame and or fire retardant or 

flame and or fire resistant."


This is a standard Certification that comes
most canopies.


If you have treated your Tent or Canopy with flame retardant spray bring the certification with you to the Show.


Please be sure you have some kind of proof with you at the show, that your canopy is fire rated.


This could be attached to the canopy

(stamped, stitched, printed) or on your carry bag

or in the printed documentation that came with the canopy when you purchased it.


I suggest you contact the manufacturer and have them email you this proof or certificate.


I was able to Google many manufacturers and obtain most of this information online. (see below) 


For your records . . . 
Here are copies of "proof" found on the most popular canopies.
Find your own canopy, print the page
and bring it with you to the Show.

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