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 "In the waiting, the same God who's never late is working all things out"-- words from Vertical Worship's song, "Yes, I will". So many times as humans we get aggravated with the Lord because we don't think He's moving fast enough on our behalf. We forget it's not about us, but about Him, His plans, His timing. We can really mess things up when we do things on our own rather wait for His perfect plan. There is a reason the Lord said, "Be still and know that I am God".  When we are still, we renew our minds, rejuvenate our spirit, and are better able to hear what He has to say. When we depend on the Lord, we must be willing to say, "Yes, I will wait." His ways are so much better than we could ever imagine.

If at any time you need prayer, please contact us by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our website, www.PromiseHelpers.org . We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.

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Our fall retreat, Pursuit 10.19: Slaying Your Giants, is fast approaching! We all have giants of some kind in our lives-- fear, rejection, health issues, the list is endless. We hope you are planning on joining us for another jam-packed-with-excitement weekend as we learn how to slay our giants. You can register by clicking on the "Register Now" button below, or visit our website, PromiseHelpers.org , or our Facebook page, Promise Helpers Women's Ministry .

Would you like to be more involved at retreat? We have volunteer openings specifically for fall retreat weekend.

  • Technology Support- For the computer savvy or semi-savvy, you would be in charge of displaying and changing the screen for our praise and worship time, running any videos, Power Point presentations, set up a Bluetooth speaker at various times. It would be very helpful to arrive around noon on Friday to help set up the technical system and learn the ropes before Friday evening.

  • Photographer- Take pictures throughout the weekend with a digital camera. A camera can be provided if you do not have one.

  • 40 Day Fast before retreat begins- We invite anyone who would like to pray and fast 40 days before retreat. Fasting can relate to anything you would like to do without for 40 days-- sugar, Facebook, watching and reading the news, etc. Replace that time spent with praying for the retreat. By the way, we do not recommend a 40 food fast ;-) Fast begins August 25th!

If any of these volunteer opportunities for fall retreat 2019 interest you, or if there are any other areas you would like to become involved for the weekend, contact Debbie Barber at JubileeDeb@Centurylink.net

There is always a need in providing scholarships for ladies that seek financial assistance in attending. If you would like to be a blessing and be blessed at the same time by helping with a full or partial scholarship, contact Debbie Barber, or you can donate with our PayPal account. Our PayPal account now has a drop-down menu for you to select where you would like your donation to be used by Promise Helpers-- "General", "Retreats", or "The Promise Center". For scholarships, select "Retreats".

We CANNOT wait to see you there! Invite your friends! You will be blessed by doing so. Lives are changed at Promise Helpers' retreats.

October 4th-6th, 2019
Camp Butman in Merkel, TX
$135 includes all meals and lodging
He Split the Sea So I Could Be Still
by Karla Maxwell

I love the story of Moses and the Israelites, don't you? -- from the time Moses was born, the Passover, the splitting of the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments. There was even a movie made of all these epic biblical events. It's such a great story in so many ways, including how the Lord cares for His children and how He answers prayer.
The Lord always hears our prayers. Sometimes we may wonder if He does, but be assured, He does. We always wish He would answer them instantaneously, don't we? However, He often does not answer in the timeframe we like. Many times, He is at work in multiple areas, bringing everything in line so He can answer our prayers, and that takes time.
The Lord had a plan with the Red Sea, but the Israelites did not know that. All they saw were the Egyptians coming after them, so they cried out to the Lord, and He heard them. The angel of God and the pillar of cloud that were in front of the Israel army, moved to the back, coming between the armies of Egypt and Israel. The cloud brought darkness to the Egyptian side and light to the Israeli side, so neither army went near each other (Exodus 14:19-20). The Lord protected His people.
While He was holding the enemy back, He was also at work making a way for the Israelites to escape by creating a clear, dry, path. The splitting of the sea was a miraculous event! I hope there will be a ginormous screen in Heaven so we can watch the entire event unfold -- wouldn't that be incredible to see? The Lord was in front of His people, making their passage clear and dry so they could escape their enemy. And when it was time, He used that same clear, dry path to destroy the enemy.
What would have happened if the Israelites had done what they wanted-- return to Egypt so they could "live" and not die in the desert? The Lord's way was so much better than anything the Israelites could have imagined (even though it took them 40 years to get there because they kept following their own plan). The Red Sea was a path to the Israelites deliverance, and it also served as the demise of the Egyptian army, proving God's way is always best. It was a time for the Israelites to be still and wait, and they almost missed the Lord's plan.
I encourage you to be still and know that He is God. Wait patiently for His way. That is not an easy task but allowing the Lord time for His plan to come forth brings peace, growth, and a greater love for Him as He continually proves HE IS GOD. To God be the Glory!
Music Video for "Yes I Will" by Vertical Worship
Technology to Help With Your Spiritual Growth

There are countless websites, podcasts, apps, email links, etc. to help us grow in our daily walk with the Lord. Here are a few that might be of interest to you:

  • Encounter- This podcast is accessed through email, and is a daily 15-minute audio meditation. The short podcast has a devotional and scriptures to meditate on during your quiet time. To get started with this podcast, visit EncounteringPeace.com. It may take one or two days to be added to the email list, but it is well worth the wait.

  • Shut Up, Devil!- An app for your phone, it gives you quick access to scripture and declarations concerning common issues. Issues are listed in alphabetical order and include topics such as anger, anxiety, confusion, finances, health, just to name a few. There is a reminder option to remind you to speak your favorite scriptures aloud. You can set the number of times a day you would like to be reminded to speak the Word of God.

  • Echo Prayer- Another app for your phone, it's to help you pray. This app allows you to keep a list of your prayers, categorize them, delete old prayers, and mark answered prayers. You can share your prayer requests with individuals or groups. You can set a reminder notification to remind you to pray throughout the day. Many features are free, but to access all the features of Echo, there is a monthly or yearly subscription. The subscription has a 14-day free trial.

  • IF 7:14- Another prayer app for your phone, this app is "an urgent and compelling call to revival based upon 2 Chronicles 7:14, a passage that gives us a glimpse of God's heart and a template for revival." This app assists you with a commitment to make a difference in the world by praying twice a day, once at 7:14 AM and again at 7:14 PM. You will be joining thousands of people worldwide who are ready for revival. This app features daily prayer reminders, prayer acknowledgements, personal prayer request submissions, community requests for prayer, and access to personal devotions.

  • Crosswalk.com has a plethora of online daily devotionals you can subscribe to and have sent to your email. Click the "Devotionals" option on the homepage, and a page full of different devotional authors will magically appear ;-) You can preview each author's daily devotional and subscribe from the page of the devotional, OR on the homepage, select "Subscribe" and you can select from a single page all the devotionals you are interested in. Whichever option you choose, enter your email address in the subscription field, and you are ready to have daily devotionals sent to your inbox.
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