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Did you witness it? Rev. Alejandro Escoto and seven other people were honored with a blessing this week as new Elders in our denomination! Our 1:30 Praise Team, Camille Araullo, Voces de Alabanza, as well as Elder Larry Rodriguez participated in the service. They all did such a wonderful job. If you missed it, never fear! You can watch the taped service. See details below. Once again, we are so proud of Rev. ELDER Alejandro, and we are glad to have him representing MCC around the world.

This Sunday, I have the honor of preaching not only here at Founders MCC but also at my "home church" (St. John's MCC, Raleigh, NC) for their 45th Anniversary! I'm so thankful for all that I experienced and learned while I was a member there. Happy Anniversary, St. John's!

As you know, our theme for Lent this year is Resilience, and each week, we'll look at another concept that takes us on a journey to make us even more God's resilient people. We started with Rest, then Remember. This Sunday, we continue with Remix. Sometimes, Life gives us no choice but to change our plans; other times, God leads us to make different choices, causing us to "remix" everything. If you'd like to read ahead, check out Genesis 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18 (Message) and Romans 8:31-39 (Message).

I look forward to worship with you once again online this Sunday!

Pastor Keith
Founder's Metropolitan Community Church Announcements for the week of 2-26-21!
Elders Blessing!
If you missed the Elders Blessing service (or if you want to watch it again and again!), you can!  The outgoing Elders were thanked for their service and blessed in their ongoing ministries. These Elders also led the anointing liturgy for the new Elders. Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Rev. Elder Don Eastman, Elder Larry Rodriguez, Rev. Elder Troy D. Perry as well as our very own Camille Araullo all participated in the service along with 5 individuals who represented the voices of the people. Beautiful music was provided by ICM Fundadora, Resurrection MCC and John Fischer.

The entire service is now available on video for you to watch and celebrate.

Here is the link to the document to follow the order of service:

Send In Pictures For Lent
It's that time again; another photo-op! Starting in March, we want pictures of you featuring the color purple, the color of the Lenten Season. This Sunday and next, we'll continue with our "heart pictures," then we'll start March with "purple pictures." Thank you for sending in your pictures, as it helps us all stay connected!

(Sr. Pastor Rev. Keith Mozingo, Associate Pastor Rev. Elder Alejandro Escoto and Music Director Jane Syftestad Pictured Left to Right Above!)
Food Available
Each Saturday, our church offers food to those who are in need. In addition to the HopeNet food that comes each week, we have started offering fresh produce from Food Forward. Come by from anytime between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning to pick up food. 
Vaccinations for those 65 years of age and older:
Tithes & Offerings
Tithes and General Offerings: $5,065.00 for 2/21/21

(Paypal, Credit Cards, Checks, in person giving)

Designated Funds Total Income: $425.00

Building Fund: $15.00

Deaf Ministry: $410.00

Rental Income: $390.00

Grand Total of all Income for 2/21/21: $5,880.00
Thank you to all who have given so generously through our online giving portal. Our church cannot function without your generosity!! Feel free to continue giving through our website (on PayPal) or simply sending a check in the mail (4607 Prospect Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027). Again, thank you.
Wednesday - Bible Study at 7:30 p.m. on Facebook Live.
Wednesday - Reflexiones Espirituales - Spanish Bible Study at 7:30 PM pm on Facebook Group Chat
Hospitality - online - after worship!
Don't forget that we have a time of Hospitality after worship each Sunday. The link is at the top of the first page of our website. Come and have some fun with your church family!
Second Sunday in Lent

Let us pray - whether nearby or faraway, connected together as one community by God’s Holy Spirit... 
Oh God of life and love...
We come to you, first to thank you for your love, your gifts and your mercy towards us.
We thank you that you have given us a heart capable of loving and forgiving, believing and trusting, helping and understanding. Although we sometimes find the journey of life so difficult, you are by our side, teaching us, renewing us, even believing and trusting us to be in relationship with you and one another. 
In these times we live like habitants of Noah's Ark. We are locked, separated and distanced, without hugs and kisses, without knowing when the waters will cease and recede allowing us to return to a different world with a “new normal” than the one we lived before. 
You, dear God, have kept your promise and given us the ability to learn new ways to reconnect with others and with you.
We pray that in this time where we interact with new forms of love and care, that your Holy Spirit will allow us to reflect and meditate with wisdom and help us find the courage to embrace the future and the hope that will shine like a rainbow in a better and more colorful world.
Perhaps like never before, and especially during this season of Lent, a time of humility, reflection, repentance, reconciliation, and renewal, may our spirits be stirred and transformed with your Holy Spirit. 
In your many names, Amen.

Member of the Governing Board
Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches and Pastoral Assistant of New Life Metropolitan Community Church of Hampton Roads.
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