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Having a Humpty Dumpty moment?
We all encounter that fall off the wall every so often. Some of us crumble. Others pause and stay down on the ground defeated; but the resilient-we get up and start all over again. Resiliency is the cornerstone of reinvention. The ability to keep going and to bounce back actually gives back to us. We can only move ahead when we have the courage to take that step forward in the wake of a Humpty Dumpty moment. Resiliency is born from these imperfect moments that weave into our lives both renewal and possibility.
Falling apart? Feeling less than perfect?
One of the biggest reasons that people become stuck and frustrated is that they give up their power to make choices. They give it up to fear and indecision. They quit when the going gets tough. Locked in place by overwhelm, the decision to get up when we fall down holds the key to our own resiliency and our ability to adapt to change. In the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme, the king's horses and men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together. There is a good reason for that. Humpty needed to help himself. In order to heal he needed to come up with his own solutions, not just the solutions of others. In order to bounce back, in order to be resilient, he needed to work hard and ultimately to show up for himself first.
The 1-2-3 on Resiliency
  1. Own the Disruption. You fell down, something did not go according to plan and you are bruised from the impact. The good news is that plans change and become new plans. They are supposed to be adjustable so that they can be flexible as needed and refined along the way. Change involves mess. Embrace and own that fall. Maybe sitting on a wall was no longer the thing you were meant to do. Possibly this fall was the pivot toward other opportunities that may not have happened otherwise. Your ability to recognize and take ownership of the situation highlights the possibilities that exist in getting up and exploring what may otherwise not have been seen at all. What's next?
  2. Bounce! As the word implies, bouncing provides us with the ability to rebound. Something not going your way? Master your rebound and make like a ball. Even if a ball misses the basket, or goes out of bounds, or misses the goal, it keeps on going. That ball bounces or rolls forward regardless of whether it reached its original destination. The bounce of a ball keeps it in motion, the same motion we may need to stay accountable and committed toward the process of life and personal and professional fulfillment. Keep going.
  3. Play and remodel! No matter how many times you open a can of Play Doh you have the ability every single time to make something different. It does not matter what you created last time. It is not important if the end result was perfect or if it was not. The clay in that can holds vast amounts of power and wonder because it continues to be able to be reshaped and renewed every single time you play with it. If you make like clay...you provide yourself with the same ability to bounce back and recreate your life. With this advantage, decide what is next, and grant yourself permission to remodel and change in the face of adversity. Master being malleable!
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