Raising Consumer Awareness About the Dangers of Illegal Gambling

During Responsible Gaming Education Month 

Dear Attorneys General:

September is Responsible Gaming Education Month.  The Attorney General Alliance (AGA) in partnership with the American Gaming Association and others across the industry applaud the efforts and undertakings of all who promote gaming literacy and consumer education, elevate employee training, and encourage responsible gambling. A key area of focus in 2022 is educating the public regarding the threats presented by illegal and unregulated gambling, which remains widely accessible across the country in several different forms. 

We encourage State Attorneys General to aid in this effort by issuing consumer alerts to inform citizens in their states about the risks associated with gambling through illegal and unregulated channels. As the chief law enforcement officers of their state, Attorneys General can use their credible voices to draw attention and awareness to this significant problem.  

Recommended Messaging   


  • September is Responsible Gaming Education Month, which is an important time to remind those who enjoy gambling entertainment how they can do so responsibly. The emphasis on responsible gaming this month is especially timely because September marks the beginning of the NFL and College Football seasons, with the start of other sports leagues following close behind.  
  • In stark contrast to the legal gaming industry – which is heavily-regulated to protect consumers and ensure gaming activity generates meaningful revenue for our state – illegal and unregulated gambling exposes consumers to multiple risks.  
  • Internet Sportsbooks/Casinos and Unregulated “skill” games lack:
  • Controls and commitment to responsible gaming;
  • Testing to ensure compliance with regulatory standards designed to guarantee fair play;
  • Oversight to ensure customers are paid their winnings;
  • Security standards to protect personal and financial information; and
  • Compliance with anti-money laundering law.
  • Additionally, individuals engaged in illegal and unregulated gambling may unwittingly be funding other organized crime activity such as human, drug, and weapons trafficking, and become vulnerable to violence and extortion. 
  • If applicable/available, direct consumers to resources where they can verify the legality of gaming options (e.g. state regulatory agency).
  • Direct anyone who may have a gabling problem to your state’s relevant support services.


We all agree education is essential to promoting responsible play and increasing awareness of gambling disorders.  Please join us in highlighting the materials and opportunities available from the American Gaming Association in a united effort to address responsible gaming.