I want to introduce you to my good friends Mike and Emily Krill and the band His Way! I've had the joy of playing and making music and doing ministry with these guys for the past 6 years or so where they also help lead worship at St. Paul's in Muskego, WI.

They have just released their latest album and I am really excited for the way this turned out. If you know Mike, he's a bundle of energy and ideas and Emily comes with a huge heart for people! Meghan, Matt, and Julie do an excellent job of helping round out the sound and feel of the band.

What I enjoy about this album, is that it's true to who they are. Their sound doesn't really fit the standard CCM Genre and that is a refreshing thing. A bit of punk, a bit of rock, a bit of soul, a bit of worship - it is uniquely "His Way" and it's a group of musicians who love to talk about God's faithfulness to people who need hope, peace, and joy! I hope you'll check them out at www.hiswayband.com