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Rev. Joanne Blum, Minister
Unity of Delaware holds in-person services at our church home, at 4277 Columbus Pike (Rte. 23) every Sunday at 10:30. Our service is also live streamed on Facebook (UCDonFacebook) and previous services are archived on Youtube (UCDonYoutube).
Unity Church of Delaware
Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021
"Rethinking Our Work" by Rev. Joanne Blum
With Music by Laura Adair & Michael Kontras
How we think about work--skilled work, meaningful work--has shifted a lot in recent years. Most of us grew up in an era of increasing technology, and increasing bias toward other forms of skilled labor. I believe we're beginning to take a fresh look at what kind of work is meaningful, though, and how very much we need a wide variety of callings, vocations, and creative bents to keep ourselves healthy and well.

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Last Sunday's Service (10-10-21)
"How We Gather Together"

The act of gathering is so much more than people just being together in the same place. In the 2020 and post-2020 world, we are beginning to look at our gatherings with fresh eyes.
Drawing on the work of author Priya Parker (The Art of Gathering), we will explore ways to make our gatherings more intentional, joyful, and meaningful.
CD Release Concert
Live Stream via Facebook
Mon, October 18 at 4:30pm
Our friend Eddie Watkins Jr. will be traveling through Columbus and has kindly agreed to offer a short concert of selections from his new CD, "A Better Yesterday" - from our home to yours. So grab a cool drink and an appetizer and enjoy the intimacy of a house concert from the comfort of your own home.To access:
Jasianna Chaley
Guest Speaking
Sun., October 24
"Come Back Home"
Jasianna Chaley, a treasured member of our central Ohio Unity community for many years, is not only a talented musician, but also an engaging speaker and a powerful advocate for conscious and healthful living at every stage of life. Don't miss her message on Oct. 24th.
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