Welcome to a holistic practice where we can share in the ancient ways of healing in connection with the Earth
The sun does arise,
And make happy the skies.
The merry bells ring
To welcome the Spring.
The sky-lark and thrush,
The birds of the bush,
Sing louder around,
To the bells’ cheerful sound. 
While our sports shall be seen

William Blake

Welcoming you to celebrate a new format offering that I am endeavoring in! Virtual Blessings beginning in May 2018

Some of you have engaged in the work at Heart Path with me and I have had such great feedback on the support it has created in your life and some of you have nudged me to create an online container. So wrapped in deep prayer, I'm happy to spread this merging of all aspects of my training in life to the larger world in hopes that others like yourself might find it supportive and that this provides a sacred space at home for you to engage the work.

Please peruse the offerings below. It would be such an honor to continue to work with you if it calls to you to join in the online group work with women who are seeking collective healing throughout the world or in the yearly immersion which Barbara and I facilitate.

If you'd like to join in like minded ritual gatherings, several circles are facilitated for dreaming, New Moon ritual, and ancestral healing in April. you can find the details here: Monthly Offerings

And as always I am happy to support you in your personal healing journey. This month feature is on soul retrievals.

Please be in touch if you have any questions about working with me or any of the offerings.

In deep gratitude to each of you,

Please join me for an exclusive
Online Mother Wound Ancestral Healing Course
May 13th - July 30th
Are you interested in uncovering the nuanced ways in which the collective mother wounding impacts your waking life via your maternal blood lineages within a virtual supportive group, but also in private sessions?

This 3-month private/group experience includes:

  • Introductory online live conference call to set up our work together, including ritual opening and time for Q&A, May 13th from 7-8:30 PM EST,
  • 3 private matrilineal ancestral healing sessions (one hour each) scheduled at your convenience with Shannon (one session each of the three months of the course) beginning with an assessment of the four primary bloodlines and continue toward connecting with an maternal ancestral guide to anchor blessing and bring healing through one of the lines. These sessions can occur in person or over the phone.
  • Private dedicated Facebook page and discussion space for connecting and sharing with other circle participants about experiences & a question and answer space with Shannon for our circle via a dedicated Google group
  • Concluding online live conference and closing ritual with participants the week of July 30th, (exact day and time decided by poll of participants)

For more information link here

Enrollment is now open for
Spirits of the Earth Immersion
September 2018- August 2019

There is a place where we can walk in balance with those around us both seen and unseen. It is a old way, forgotten and usurped through industrialization and colonization, but intrinsic to us, inherent in our ancestry. It is a place where when grounded in truth we can claim our personal destiny, and sovereignty.

The Spirits of the Earth Immersion creates a container for a collective of like-minded seekers who are interested in developing a deepening a connection to the Earth. By using animistic principles including meditative communion, journey work, dream work, the practices of prayer, song, and gratitude, and use of our creative rootedness we will build and strengthen our community.

We welcome you to this year-long intensive where we will enliven our sacred container through which we are able to merge with the unseen to create balance and harmony in life.

Together we will:

  • Connect and strengthen our relationships with the spirits of place, our elevated ancestors, guides and spirits of affinity
  • Develop personal rituals which reinforce a connection with the unseen in sacred reciprocity
  • Hold space for initiation, integration, grounding, protection, dreamwork, grief work, clearing, and manifesting
  • Develop our personal skills which include compassionate listening, sacred witnessing, personal sovereignty & holding and honoring safe shared space
  • Co-create sacred tools with our spirit helpers to enhance our connection to Spirit through rattle making, altar building, mask making, spirit sticks, personal transformation figures and medicine bundles

Through the process of this instructive and in-depth exploration of relationships with ourselves, our community, the Earth and unseen, we will emerge to our authentic selves, better connected to a sense of destiny, spirit, and Earth.

Read more about how to be a part of this unique year long experience here: Spirits of the Earth Immersion or request your application by email intent to shannon@redearthhealing.org

News from the Healing Sessions & Mentorships Universe

April Features: Soul Retrieval

When an individual experiences illness, injury, or emotional trauma, the experience may be too difficult to bear, and a loss of soul essence can occur. Parts of the soul that split off from the body, may be unable to return on their own, leaving vital energies depleted. In some cases this depletion can be extreme.

Symptoms of profound and ongoing soul loss frequently manifest as feelings of being fragmented, of not being all there; blocked memory or not being able to remember parts of one's life; a sudden onset of apathy or listlessness, or a lack of joy in life; the inability to make decisions; the inability to feel love for others or receive love from another, often resulting in the sense of being emotionally flat-lined. The loss of these parts of the self is often expressed as despair, as suicidal tendencies, as addictions, or most often-as depression.

During the practice of Soul Retrieval, the practitioner journeys into non-ordinary reality to locate these lost soul parts. With the help of her helping spirits, the practitioner is able to recover the lost soul parts and return them to the client’s body. 

In the process, the person's vital essence returns to its original owner, an experience that they frequently experience as life-changing. This is ultimately accomplished with the willing participation of the client in creating a sincere call for this work, as well as the integrating of their soul parts back into their overall vital essence.

With the recovery of the missing soul parts, and the practice of compassionate self-care, a return of a sense of safety, trust and compassion towards self can result. A sense of personal power, self-determination, and purpose may also be renewed.

Soul retrieval can be done in person, the average session usually extending to three or four hours in length. Yet because it is 'non-local' work, it can also be done long distance just as effectively.

If you are experiencing any feelings mentioned above and are interested in connecting with me regarding Soul Retrieval work, either in person or long-distance, p lease be in touch. If you are ready for the work you may schedule the initial session here: Schedule a Session

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