eNewsletter o f Multiple District Four California Lions
Issue 2, October 2016

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Linda Pugliese, Editor
Council Chair David Radtke
Personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient of success.

~Denis Waitley

Multiple District 4 Lions, how would you rate your satisfaction with your experience as a volunteer in the association of Lions Clubs?   

Would you be able to share with others the reasons that you joined, the reasons that you continue to participate, the reasons that serving others are important to you? Have you had the opportunity to be mentored by a seasoned Lion member? Have you attracted a new member? and had the opportunity to mentor them on their personal journey in volunteering?

Volunteers in all organizations sign up to participate for a variety of reasons; observed areas of need, crisis situations, external obligations, fellowship, personal growth, peer pressure, professional affiliations, and internal desires. No matter why you or the members of your club joined our association, we each owe it to ourselves and our peers to make sure we are getting our needs met. Unless these needs are being met, we will not have members who are satisfied, and in turn, not be able to count on them to attract others to what we do.

The Lions of Multiple District 4 California showed up in force at the USA/Canada leadership forum in Omaha during September. The Multiple District was well represented by many Lions who attended and participated in a variety of workshops, exhibits, and speaker presentations. Many Multiple District Lions were awarded advanced degrees from the Lions University program and thanked personally by International President Chancellor Bob Corlew. The Lions of California just missed the award for most attendees, with 117 attendees, just 3 members less than the top attending multiple district. I am confident that California will again be well represented at next year's forum in Portland, OR.

As we are looking towards the end of 2016 and the beginning of our Centennial year 2017, I hope each of the Districts and individual clubs have started planning on celebrations for their membership as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary as an association. What a amazing opportunity to share with each of our communities, the incredible work Lions have done both locally and internationally for the past century.

This year, we have been blessed to be a visitor and guest of many club and District events, I must take the opportunity to acknowledge a couple of truly amazing events. One is the Lions of the Temecula Lion Club for their recent "Rally in the Valley" event. Hands down, one of the top most creative and enjoyable events that I have had the pleasure of attending and participating in. The event was a timed, 4 hour mini Amazing Race Car rally that promoted the Lions Association throughout the Temecula Valley region of Southern California.. If you would like more details, please reach out to the membership of Temecula Lions Club. I am ready to sign up for next year's event as soon as the date is set.

Secondly , the Lions of District 4-C3 for the opening of the "Lions Closet" in Pittsburg, CA. The closet is a full service retail store with gently used clothing and home furnishings. 100% of the workforce is volunteer and all the profits are benefiting the local blind centers. This project is a wonderful example of taking a good idea and following through to completion of a landmark district project.

Please take a minute to remember why we signed up to do what we do, remember that serving is the reason that we all are here. Serving is what we all have in common, Serving is what ties us each together, it is the common thread that binds our fellowship. Step out of your individual comfort zone and make the extra effort to serve in a new or different capacity.

As always, I appreciate all you do for your communities, your clubs, your Districts, and all that we serve...

PDG Steve Robeson, GLT Coordinator

First, let’s acknowledge our three fine Area Coordinators: 

  • Area 3, PDG Chris Ohrmund;
  • Area 2, PCC Liz Crooke, and
  • Area 1, PDG Ken Ibarra

    They are the backbone of our instructional staff.  They are arranging for visits to districts to serve your needs.  (Some visits have already happened)  The fifteen District GLT Coordinators comprise a vital link to the clubs, via district trainings.  We need to thank them, as well. 

Our two MD 4 Lions Leadership Institutes are both receiving registrants.  Now is the time to send your forms and fees to reserve your spot!   Our institutes are designed for Lions of every age, every past experience and every future objective. 

The Sacramento Institute is over MLK weekend, January  14-16, 2017. 

The Ontario Institute is March 4-6, 2017. 

We have two PDGs who will be attending the Faculty Development Institute in Houston in November.  They are PDG Dave Hebebrand from L1 and PDG Andy Anderson from C5.  

We had several MD 4 Lions attend the  Omaha USA/Canada Forum, 117 to be exact.  We had PDG Ken Ibarra, Lion Amy Fink, PDG Gary Wong, PDG Norm MacKenzie, PDG Chris Morris, PCC Denny Grotrian, PDG Mike Retzlaff, PDG Andy Anderson, and myself as Presenters. Moderators were Lion Sheri Retzlaff, PID Larry Dicus, Lion Maggie Robeson, Lion Vicki Smith, and PDG Ken Ibarra. 

PDG Linda Griffin, GMT Coordinator
Membership...Now is the time to plan for the future!
  Congratulations! As we end the month of October and Lions Clubs International Membership Month, I am proud to say we are positive by 104 members for the month; 305 new members for the year. Multiple District Four Membership of 20,392 and 731 clubs with more on the way. We have all been working on “Engaging, Maintaining and Strengthening Membership.” Thank you to all of us!  
The challenge now is for us to reach 21,000 Lion members fo 30 June 2017.  Can we do it?  Of course, together we can.

What I am going to discuss with you is not new but we need to implement the concepts of keeping our members—new and established—engaged into our clubs. We are not being pro-active but rather just saying words and not acting on our actions.

Recently, looking at the Lions Clubs International blog about recruitment and their eleven (11) new ways to get new members, the ideas are all the ones we have been discussing for years. The list includes:
  1. Just Ask
  2. Engage through Service
  3. Host a Membership Drive
  4. Review the “Ohio Plan”—a simple plan on ways to engage
  5. Keep members happy
  6. Create a “100 Reasons to be a Lion” list
  7. Utilize Social Media
  8. Utilize Traditional Media
  9. Celebrate 100 years
  10. Apply for a Membership Grant
  11. Remember the Value of One
Are you surprised?  You should not be, because the list includes ideas that work. But they only work if you use them. Lions, we do not have to recreate the wheel. We need to utilize these tools and make them our priority. Again, I ask “What are you doing to do in your district and your club?”

I am asking what are you doing to encourage your governor team to continue our positive growth and how are  WE  going to engage and maintain our members. We must think about being active… 

One day at a time…One step at a time!
This is a good time in your year to evaluate the training sessions you have held. Do you need to have additional trainings? Are there officers that never were trained or need a refresher? Are you holding your Zone and Region Chairs accountable? Are your meetings relevant to what is happening? Are you holding Orientation Sessions for everyone?

Now is the time to review and evaluate your action plans? Are you meeting your goals? Do you need to change one or two? Do you need to add another goal or two? Evaluation and change is normal, but you must do it. There are no failures, but rather a different path to be taken to obtain your goals.

Lions, thank you for all the work you have completed and thank you for all the work you will continue to do. Together, we can accomplish so much more and let us keep Multiple District Four at the top of the list for membership growth and maintenance. 

Together, we will continue to meet the challenge and climb the new mountains of membership growth. Together, we will “Engage, Maintain and Strengthen Membership.
PCC Roger Powell, MD4 LCIF Chair
"Giving is Good"
We Did It Again! 

Thanks to the generosity of California Lions, for the fourth year in a row our state led LCIF donations in Lions Constitutional Area 1 (US, Bermuda & the Bahamas) in 2015-16!

For their work toward this achievement, our international charity has awarded medals to:
  • IPDG Macy Mak Chan & PDG Esther Lee (District C4)
  • IPDG Ron Raines & PDG Kent Christensen (A1),
  • IPDG Craig Cooper & PDG Judy Arribere-Wooley (A2)
  • IPDG Richard Davis & Lion John Knittle (A3) and 
  • IPDG Larry Wehage & PDG Dennis Drag (L2)
Recipients of International Certificates of Achievement are... 
  • 4-L2's Downtown Long Beach Lions (Top 5 Clubs in Total Contributions in the Constitutional Area); 
  • San Diego United Lions, Susan Valko, Immediate Past President & Southwest San Diego County Lions, Nancy Trinh, Immediate Past President (Top 5 Clubs in per Member Giving in the CA);
  • LCIF District Coordinators 4-L2's PDG Dennis Drag & 4-L4's PDG Elizabeth Warren (Top 5 District Coordinators); &
  • 4-L2's IPDG Larry Wehage & PDG Dennis Drag (Top 5 Districts in Total Giving). 
The measles campaign is a top priority this year. $1 for one shot can immunize a child for life and avert preventable deaths. All contributions are doubled in matching funds from our worldwide partners. To access ways to give to this and other important areas, go to lcif.org & click on "Ways to Give." Let's continue to be #1 by supporting our California Lions slogan "Giving Is Good"! 

Big Sur Soberanes Fire and LCIF Grant

Barbara Chamberlain
4-C6 District Governor

Dear California Lions,

We could not be more thankful for the Immediate response to our disaster grant application written by our First Vice District Governor, Bob Stewart.

The Sobranes fire burned over 130,000 acres in the Big Sur area. Marina Lions Club and President Mark Arellano immediately started relief efforts for the many displaced persons. The LCIF grant provided immediate assistance to the many who needed our help. The money was used very quickly because of the many who lost everything. Our district clubs and members also contributed money and aid. We could not be more proud of our Lions who live the motto, "Where there is a need, there is a Lion."

Cass Cara, MD4 Office
Dear MD4 Lions,

The Fall season brings the Student Speakers Contest Packet  dispersal to the clubs who have ordered one and automatically to all the Zone, Region, District and Area Chairs. The Clubs will receive their packet in the mail the last week in October.  (1 per club, extra material needed for more schools is permitted, there will be one contest per club). Remember the material will be posted on the MD4 website www.md4lions.org and clubs must be in good standing to receive the packet. Zone, Region, District and Area Chairs will receive their packet from their Distict Governor or designee after the Fall Council of Governors meeting in November.

If you have not ordered a packet and would like to participate in the Student Speakers Contest, please send a $25 check for the late fee to MD4 at the address below.

The MD4 Excellence Award (page 94 of the MD4 Directory) nominations are due November 15, so please get all nominations, with an explanation why this person deserves the award, in to your governor soon to be considered. 

Also, the Peace Poster Contest and Peace Essay, for the visually impaired, is fast approaching and I hope all the preteen children in your community have the opportunity to participate in this very special project. Junior High School is a time when kids can stray from what is important in life and this project is a positive influence on them. Each club will send their winning poster to their district cabinet by Nov. 15; the 15 sub-district winners will be sent to the MD4 office for judging and the final winning poster will be sent to LCI. The winner of the MD4 contest wins $500 and an award, 2 honorable mentions win $250 and an award each and the essay winner wins $250 and a trophy. The awards will be presented at the MD4 Convention in Redding February 11, 2017, which the districts may at that time take back to their district convention for display. The LCI contest winner is awarded $5000 and expenses for 3 (to include the club president) to the International Convention in Chicago. Wow!

The MD4 Delegate Form, budget and more information about your MD4 Convention will be mailed in December, so keep an eye out for that and please share with your club members. They are all expected to come and join in the celebration and experience all the wonderful seminars and speakers offered. The theme is “Roaring Into the Next 100 Years”.

For more deadlines see pages 3-5 of the MD4 Directory.
Cass Cara
Executive Administrator
MD-4, California Lions Clubs International
129 Los Aguajes Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
admin@md4office.org      www.md4lions.org
(805) 963-6681  (800) 546-6634    Fax: (805) 963-8254

Student Speakers Contest

The Lions Fourth District Student Speakers Foundation, Inc.

is now registered as a Charitable Organization on: 

Why is this big deal? 

If you spend any money ordering from Amazon you can now direct .5% of your purchase to the Foundation. 

How do I get signed up? 

Simply login to smile.amazon.com and pick the Lions Fourth District Student Speakers Foundation, Inc. as your organization and all your future purchases will be credited to the Foundation. 

Lions Happenings

Woodland Lions and Elks Club Reading Action Program

Zone Chair Kitty Kramer
Woodland Host Lions
Approximately three years ago, after hearing about the Reading Action Program conducted by District 4-C5 Lions Higgins Diggins Club, Woodland Host Lion Jim Fuller, was enthusiastic about starting the program in Woodland.  So he began working with the Woodland Joint Unified School District to discuss how the Lions could bring the Reading Action Program into the city's elementary schools.

The program was developed to encourage reading in elementary schools.  We all know how important it is to be able to competently read, no matter what career path anyone chooses.  Between 20-25% of our students nationally drop out of high school; many because they do not read well and become frustrated with failing grades and embarrassment. 

Learning to read takes place mainly in 1st through 3rd grades.  There is a national "push" to help children read at grade level by the end of the third grade.

Using the Accelerator Reader (AR) Program, students are challenged to read as many books at or above grade level and pass a comprehensive quiz by 80 percent.  With each book read, and test completed, the student will earn one ticket that will be entered into a drawing.  The more books read, the more the chances the student has to win the tablet. 

T he schools also promoted this motivational program by sending letters and fliers to students homes, using intercom announcements, and ConnectED phone calls to student's homes and posters around school.  Parents are encouraged to motivate their students to read!

Working with the school superintendent and principals, Lion Jim and other Lions went to speak at each school during an assembly in lateJanuary.  This year the reading "contest" was held from February through March.  The children were excited to hear about this contest! 
In addition to the Woodland Host Lions participating, Reveille Lions, Yolo Sunset Lions, and the Woodland Elks Lodge teamed up to gather the funds needed to purchase the Amazon Fire Tablets.  Once the contest period ended, Lions members returned to each school assembly to draw the lucky tickets for each tablet winner.

During the 1st year, we gave away tablets to 4th through 6th grade levels and a few schools.  We have increased the number of tablets given away each successive year, and in April 2016, gave away 66 tablets at 11 elementary schools!  This upcoming year, we plan to give away even more by including additional schools and perhaps for a student that the teachers feel read the most.

The hard work and efforts to bring the Reading Action Program to Woodland Elementary Schools has made great strides since Woodland Host Lions first started this program three years ago. As a result, this year’s reading results were doubled or more than what the totals were in 2014/2015. 

The results in the chart below show the overall improvements made for Woodland Joint Unified School District.  The school district also provided results for each school.  I think once you've read the comparisons from year to year that you will agree!

I am really excited for what this upcoming year’s reading program results will bring.  Hopefully some of the children were present during the first three years of the program and will be just as excited for the program this February! 

Kudos again to Lion Jim, Reveille Lions, Yolo Sunset Lions, and the Woodland Elks Lodge!  What a way to make a difference!

Lions-Anthem Volunteer Days

PDG Lita Guidotti 

Several volunteered from Greater West Valley Lions Club in District 4-L1 and Anthem Employees from Woodland Hills and Anaheim volunteered together in cleaning and painting the West Valley Boys and Girls building in Canoga Park on October 15, 2016. Some volunteers were also assigned to clean and arrange the books and supplies in the library. 

The LCI and LCIF provided a $1,000.00 grant to defray expenses needed to accomplish this partnership project with Anthem Foundation. 30 Anthem employees and 15 Lions members and community citizens rolled their sleeves together and started the work from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. Coffee, water, bagels, cream cheese were served to everyone. 

The Lions gain publicity and awareness to the community and get positive interest to the volunteers. In joining with other Lions, organization we can accomplish so much more than we can do on our own. With this partnership, we were able to impart and inspire non-Lions volunteers to “BE A LION”, Where there is a need, there is a Lion.

California Lions Foundation
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