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There are many ways to give back, all are forms of sharing resources. This manifests in the form of time, money, food, clothing, etc. For me, it is the sharing of Art as Memory. I give the joy of photography. 

At Romemu, I volunteer to chronicle the many wonderful events and programs they offer. In this way I hope to pass on a smile through a moment remembered. With each holiday and gathering, I look to capture fleeting moments of Love to inspire the community. 

The minyan here has given me a Sacred Sanctuary in a beautiful Loud City. In return I do my best to share that Peace. The act of Tzedakah is one of passion; so I add mine to give it another layer of meaning, one of charity and compassion. With each act of kindness and generosity, we push back shadows to make the world a brighter place. This blessing of donation is a gift of Light. 
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Thank you for your generosity!