"From the very first day my daughter left for college, Esther was right there with me. Each morning, just as I was missing my daughter miserably, I would get an email from "The Dolly Mama" reassuring me, giving me inspiration, and allowing me to feel confident that she was ok and I would be ok. For many, sending your child to college is uncharted territory and all I can say is, that for me, I was so grateful to have Esther's beautiful words of encouragement and was so thankful to have her join my journey. Thank you, Esther!" (Kim, mom of college freshman)
As you can see, I am a midget among giants. I even had high-heeled boots on in this picture and everyone else was wearing flats!

Also, don't be deceived by this perfect picture. You will find out soon enough that our family is just like yours: full of adventure, laughter, tears, fights, forgiveness, hurt and hope. ALL of IT.

My name is Esther (also known as the Dolly Mama) and I am a wife to one, a mom of four (now grown-ish) kids plus a son-in-law and a couple of significant others, and a "Mema" to one little toddler. I have packed up all four of my kids and sent them "off to college." Hence, the reason you have signed up for this adventure.

I know everyone says, "Being a mom is so hard," but this transition from childhood to adulthood was one of the most difficult times in all of my parenting. All the feelings, all the fear, all the pride, all the unknowns, and all the "letting go" sent me for quite a loop.

I have four very different kids, from a very creative and compliant rule-follower (a second-grade teacher), to a highly ADHD, test-all-the-boundaries, super-friendly second-born (a killer salesman), to a black-and-white, argue-you-into-the-ground, but very Solomon-like-wise gaming expert (a data analyst), to my smily, easy-going, puzzle-making, and over-the-top-independent lover of music (a dialogue editor for a television show at 20 years old).

There is nothing I haven't seen or heard or experienced as a mom. I totally messed up a whole bunch and had to throw so much into the hands of the God who could make something beautiful out of all of the mayhem.

It has humbled me, turned my judgmental spirit into one of compassion, stretched me in ways unfathomable and been the absolute greatest joy of my life. I love love love being a mom.

One more little thing. I am still very in love with my husband of 30 years. He's kind, intelligent, super tall and has the most integrity of any man I've ever met. We have our moments, but I wouldn't trade him in for the world (on most days...hahaha!)

The best thing about my family is that they have supported and encouraged me on this journey of writing and bringing hope and have granted me complete permission to share our stories of heartache and hope, struggles and strengths, the messy and the beautiful. I couldn't be more grateful for each of them.

Stayed tuned.

When my kids were seniors, I journaled something every day for a year and then I sent it to them on that same "date" the following year when they were freshman in college. 

Many of my mom friends who knew what I was doing were curious and wanted to know more. One of those moms asked me to write an encouraging note to her (after all, it's us moms who probably have the hardest time) during the fall semester of her son's freshman year. She also wanted the "kid" version she could send to him at school. A great experiment was born. I had sent it to my own kids, but now to a mom and her kid who doesn't know me at all?!? I wasn't so sure.

GOOD NEWS: It worked out great! Both of them loved it. There were days when the mom only read her part and others where she sent the "kid" version to her son as well (more on that in a minute).

Last fall, I compiled it into 50 short devotionals and sent it to a test group of 100 moms who were desperate to have some hope in their own time of transition.

With major prompting from one of those moms, I put out some feelers and here YOU are, jumping into the waters with me. I am so glad! All for only $10!


Immediately, you will receive an email inviting you to be part of a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you will get extra things from me preparing you for the big transition. Facebook Lives and other surprises will be waiting for you there along with access to the group of women going on the same journey as you. IT WILL BE WONDERFUL!!

´╗┐Starting sometime in late August/early September (exact dates to be determined), you will receive an email from me every day at 6 am. It will be there waiting for you when you "leap" out of bed or "stay snuggled" under your covers.

Monday to Friday, you will receive a short devotional/inspirational message designed just for you, the mom. At the end, you will also be given a similar "kid" version, which you can use as you'd like.

Moms have done the following with the "kid" version:

  • Copy and paste AS IS and send in a text to their child
  • Personalize it.
  • Shorten it.
  • Only send the quote (there is always a quote that's in picture form)
  • NOT do anything at all.

On Saturday, you will get a recap of the week and on Sunday, I send you a very short note and a link to a song that has encouraged me on my mom journey and I pray will be just what you need that day.

It will all be over after 10 weeks, ending sometime in mid-November, only weeks before those kids of yours will be back eating your goodies and staying up until all hours of the night.

WHEW! You made it this far! Take a deep breath. Only just a little more to go.

My heart is for you, my new-found mom friend. I know your heart is for your child. You know yourself, your child and your relationship with them. I am so happy to just come alongside of you and provide a little help for this new part of your mom journey.

We are in this mom boat together, paddling our best, yet steered by the One who loves us more than we could ever imagine! We draw our strength and wisdom from Him!

P.S. This is the longest thing you will ever read from me!

P.P.S. You may have noticed that I'm a little sappy, a little snarky, a little strong and hopefully more than a little spiritual. It makes for a fun time as we hop into this boat and go for a ride.