October 15th, 2018
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Crickler Vending Co ., based in Rochester, N.Y., was able to reduce driver work time while improving inventory accuracy using the RoutSight wearable solution from Wizzan Mobility .

The vending company reached a point when it realized they needed to replace their route handhelds because they were getting old. They realized they could replace the handhelds, switch to tablets or introduce the wearable technology solution from Wizzan Mobility.

“For Crickler, this was an investment that would have been made with or without the glasses as we needed to update our current method and move to new handhelds, tablets or glasses,” said Mark Houseknecht, vice president of Crickler Vending Company. “After thoroughly reviewing all options from a cost and efficiency standpoint, we found that the glasses were ahead of the game. They allowed for more efficiency by being hand-free rather than still needing to hold a device to service a machine, and they were less cost prohibitive than some app solutions.”

Avanti Markets recently introduced its Smart N Go intelligent secured solutions for public and high-theft locations.

Both the secured-intelligent and scan-and-go models can be configured as a single standalone module or as a comprehensive market solution combining refrigerated, frozen and room temperature units along with fresh coffee and more.

Joel Berman, president of the Smart N Go division, said some locations don’t fit the open market concept — like transient public settings or locations that can suffer from high shrink.

Coca-Cola China has installed a square red machine that both dispenses and recycles beverage packages at the Tianjin Summer Davos Forum, the company announced.

The machine's two "big eyes" are the entrances and exits for beverage sales and packaging recycling. The recycling module is extensible and can be compatible with packaging of different materials such as PET and metal.

The whole body of the machine is covered with LED pixels controlled by artificial intelligence, which can change various expressions such as “smile,” “selling Meng” and “funny,” and enhance the human-looking machine through technologies such as face recognition and sound interaction.

Seaga Manufacturing has introduced its Smartware 360 software to reduce the amount of time drivers spend in the field programming and stocking machines. The software is designed to integrate with Seaga machines and features an easy-to-navigate interface that incorporates Seaga's Media-Link technology and flash drive utilized for uploading machine program files.

The company previously developed a vend management application that provides cloud-based software updates and affords vendors interconnectivity to their machines, allowing them to arrange variations in pricing, temperature control, lockout modes and lottery mode, and input calorie information and custom vending specific to each product, machine and market.

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