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Our High School Track & Field Modernization

Rowland Unified is proud to share with our community the beautiful new track and field at both Nogales High School and Rowland High School, thanks to your support of the Measure R Bond. We continue to build state-of-the-art facilities for innovative learning to take place for our students, staff and community at our campuses.

**Join us tomorrow night at the Rowland High School vs. Nogales High School Football game at 7 PM at Rowland High School.**

Rowland Schools Connect

Hollingworth Hawks Think and Create

Students learn the game of chess and how to paint in special after-school connect classes.

The air is filled with squeals as Hollingworth first graders are handed paint brushes and a canvas. Steps away in 5th Grade Teacher Gigi Schmitt’s class, students are learning how to play chess. These special after school activities were part of Hollingworth Elementary’s Care and Connect events during the first month of school.

"Building relationships is key to the work we do in education,” said Hollingworth Elementary Principal Dr. Hoon. “Holding activities such as our chess club and art classes after school provided additional time, in a relaxed environment, for students and staff to connect. These opportunities have supported stronger bonds at our school."


Back in the cafeteria, Playground Aide Silvia Ibarra introduces the art teacher for the day, her daughter and Hollingworth and Nogales High School Alumni, Mika Ibarra, who is currently attending Fullerton College. “So today we are teaching these first graders how to draw and paint either a jellyfish or a sea turtle,” said Mika. “Art is a passion for me. When I showed Ms. P the librarian some of my work, she said to come and help! It has been really fun working with the students.” (Shown above: Art assistants for the day, Teacher Bina Hong and Speech Pathologist Zavier Williams with students.)

In Ms. Schmitt’s class, students are setting up chess boards, excited for the final culmination day. “For our care and connect time, we have had a chess club that has met three times a week after school. I am an avid chess player and thought the students would enjoy learning how to play so I decided to teach them,” said Schmitt, who has taught in RUSD for 26 years. “Today is the grand finale. Students are competing in our final chess tournament and the winner will receive a new chess board.”

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Above: Students have fun painting sea animals from Hollingworth Alumni, Mika Ibarra.

Right: The Hollingworth Chess Tournament! Shown is Chess Club Champion, Aaron Garcia.

Ybarra Academy Students Share About Themselves

Students share their favorite things with their class at annual "Identity Day."

From showing off "Alexa" to dolls and favorite toys, to pictures and videos of their pets and family, Ybarra students shared about themselves to their classmates at the annual event called Identity Day.

"Ybarra Academy is deeply rooted in social-emotional learning strategies," said Principal Mariela Moscal. "On this day, students and staff members share about their passion, something they are interested in, love and what makes them who they are. The ultimate goal is to get to know each other better and to continue to make connections with one another."

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In the News...

RHS Girls Volleyball Ranked as a TOP 10 TEAM

in San Gabriel Valley

Rowland High School Head Volleyball Coach Valerie Varela is excited to share with our community that the girls Varsity Volleyball team is in the news! Click below to view news article:

The "Must Watch" team and ranked first in Division 6 as featured in the 9/21/22 Issue of SGV/Whittier Prep Sports Zone!

Basketball Youth Camp for RUSD 6th-8th Boys

September 22, 2022 Issue RUSD News Editor

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